Kane's New Look Is Best for His Career and Needed to Survive

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistNovember 5, 2013

Kane now looks like a giant John Laurinaitis...and I like it!

The Big Red Machine came marching to the ring with no mask. He traded the black and red spandex ring attire for a black and red suit.

It's corporate Kane.

I kept expecting a new look for the legendary monster. During his summer feud with Bray Wyatt, I thought this would be a perfect time to repackage his entire character. Change his outfit and have him following the Wyatt Family. What a rub for them, and it would make sense seeing as they took him hostage at SummerSlam.

In reality, Kane disappeared and was filming See No Evil 2. All the more reason for him to come back repackaged without a mask. He won't be wearing a mask in the movie, so take it off on television. It will be easier cross-promotion and thousands of pictures will surface of him doing media for the movie with no mask. It just keeps things consistent. 

He didn't come back to join Wyatt and family but joined “The Family” with Triple H and Stephanie. Probably better stock options being offered.

Always best to stay a step ahead, leave them wanting more. Kane's hellfire gimmick has run its course. Every great entertainer has known how and when to reinvent themselves if it becomes necessary.

For Kane, it was necessary.

We've seen him with the mask and without it. We've seen him set people on fire and we've seen him dance. He had the mystery of not being able to speak, and he's sat through anger management classes. The well was getting dry.

Kane playing the corporate muscle holds a lot of potential. Especially since The Shield's days as a powerful trio could be coming to an end after they teased some dissension in the ranks a week ago.

To those upset, and I've seen quite a few on this wonderful thing called the Internet, don't be. This is what's best for Kane. If he would have kept his old gimmick, he would have became filler and been the veteran who lets the younger guys beat him. Then you really would be upset.

Fans who are worried this destroys Kane, stop worrying. It won't. He can always, and probably will, put the mask back on for one final run. If The Undertaker can ride around on a motorcycle listening to Limp Bizkit but still be the Deadman then Kane can be corporate for a little while before being driven crazy and back to his mask.

I'd like to share a few things I was thinking while watching the final segment on Raw with corporate Kane:

  • Maybe they'll call him Korporate Kane. Maybe they'll just call him Glenn. Maybe I've been watching too much Abyss and Joseph Park.
  • Does he look like a giant John Laurinaitis or is he more of a giant Bob Backlund? I would love to see Backlund up against Kane on Jeopardy.
  • Stephanie was once a bride in an unholy wedding with The Undertaker in 1999. Triple H and Kane were battling over the memory of Katie Vick. Now everyone is all dressed up running the company. They grow up so fast.
  • This suit is just to get us used to his new role for retired wrestler life. It will either be as senator in Tennessee or he'll be running to the ring as an agent breaking up big fights on television with Arn Anderson and referees.