RoCkEtS' NBA Mock Draft: First 10 Picks

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MEMPHIS, TN - MARCH 29:  Blake Griffin #23 of the Oklahoma Sooners walks off the court after losing to the North Carolina Tar Heels during the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament South Regional Final at the FedExForum on March 29, 2009 in Memphis, Tennessee. The Tar Heels defeated the Sooners 72-60 to advance to the Final Four.  (Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images)

RoCkEtS' NBA Mock Draft

          First 10 Picks

1. Los Angeles Clippers - PF - Blake Griffin - Oklahoma

He is the No. 1-ranked player in this years' draft class so why shouldn't he be the No. 1 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft? He stand at 6'10", 245 Pounds. He is extremely athletic and he is a great rebounder. He seems to be very NBA ready and he could fit into the Clippers rotation behind Zach Randolph, although he can easily overtake that starting spot. It is really just a self explanatory pick.

2. Memphis Grizzlies - PG - Ricky Rubio - Spain

The Spanish guard is a very good all-around player. He has some flaws and some things to work on but he can become a good NBA player in Memphis. He may not start over Mike Conley at first, but he will most likely work into the starting role. Rubio is a good leader which is a good quality to have as a point guard and he also brings a pretty good defensive presence to the court. He can become a ball hawk and a steal machine with time and practice. Rubio does have many flaws such as his jump shot and his strength. Rubio is pretty quick and he can get to the basket, but once he gets inside he is too weak to muscle in some baskets. Also he needs to work on his jump shot. Normally a good shot is needed for you to be a good point guard, but Rubio should be able to work around that for the time being.

3. Oklahoma City Thunder - C - Hasheem Thabeet - UConn

Thabeet stands at 7'3" 265 Pounds and will come into the NBA being one of the tallest and biggest players. Thabeet will be a bust mainly because he has way too many downsides. Although he thrives by somethings such as his defense. I would compare him to Dikembe Mutombo just not as talented. He may come into Oklahoma City start right away considering the Thunder really has no center other than Nenad Kristic and Nick Collison who both are really power forwards anyway. Thabeet is an amazing defender. His stature allows him to be a great shot blocker. He plays well post defense as well. He is a fairly good rebounder also. Although he is really not a good offensive player. His attributes are so eerily similar to Mutombo although I'm not sure if Thabeet can make the transitions to the NBA to make him a successful future player.

4. Sacramento Kings - PF - Jordan Hill - Arizona

Jordan Hill will be just as good if not a better NBA player than Blake Griffin. Jordan Hill is underrated and he has the best NBA potential in this draft class. My one concern with Hill is his strength. He is going to need to bulk up to contend in the NBA.

One problem I have here with this pick is that he may not fit in well right away considering the Kings have Spencer Hawes at center and Jason Thompson at power forward (unless Drew Gooden resigns).

Most likely I see him getting sometime at power forward behind Jason Thompson, but he can overtake Thompson at any time. I'm not sure if Hill will stay in Sacramento for too long though if Hill starts playing well off the bench and he still doesn't steal the starting position. The Kings will probably experiment trading up to obtain Ricky Rubio or they could try to trade down to settle for someone like Brandon Jennings.

5. Washington Wizards - SG - James Harden - Arizona St.

Falling to fifth may have been good for the Wizards considering this is the perfect spot to select James Harden who perfectly fits their needs. I'm personally not too high on Harden, but he can become a good NBA player. He is pretty strong for a rookie shooting guard coming into the NBA. He isn't very quick considering he is pretty big for 6'5" guard. When he gets into the hole he is hard to stop and he will probably get his shot off and he will get it off well.

He is one of the most NBA-ready players in the top 10 or 15 players in this draft class especially because most of these players projected to go early are just skilled and really don't seem to be ready to come into the NBA and make a big impact right away. He only played two years in college, but he seems to possess many key qualities that are pretty much needed in a good NBA player.

6. Minnesota Timberwolves - SG/SF - DeMar DeRozan - USC

Kevin McHale would mostly look to have DeRozan play small forward since Corey Brewer has been pretty much an injury since he has been plagued with so many injuries. DeRozan isn't a true small forward, but at 6'6" he could adjust. He has a tremendous upside considering he only played one year in college and his potential is practically off of the charts.

But since he has so many potential, it is just a given that he isn't really NBA ready. His jump shot is good for his age and has room for improvement.

He can create shots for himself with his quickness and ability to get him self open. He can also create for others. You could compare him to Carmelo Anthony, but he just is no where near the skill level of Anthony yet and he probably will never get there.

7. Golden State Warriors - PG/SG - Brandon Jennings - Italy

He would most likely be used as a point guard to help Monta Ellis in the backcourt and that duo could become Vital. Jennings is full of talent although he needs to learn how to use it properly. He didn't turn many heads in Italy, but he is still full of potential. I personally feel he should have stayed in the U.S. and went to college instead of getting some money overseas. He is less NBA-ready than he would have been had he played at least one year of college basketball.

One thing I love about Jennings is his athleticism and quickness which really helps to allow him to get to the basket. He is a pretty good passer as well so if he can't get a shot off of the drive he is normally a good enough passer to kick it out and create an open shot. He really can become a master of driving to the basket if he is taught well by Monta Ellis. Hopefully Jennings' raw talent wont go to waste.

8. New York Knicks - PG/SG - Stephen Curry - Davidson

Stephen Curry has arguably the best jump shot in the draft class. He could be a perfect fit in Mike D'Antoni's run-and-gun offense because Curry has good stamina, he's quick and he can pull up for a jumper to slow the fast break. He is a natural scorer and is used to being the only scorer on his team. Now he has a little bit better of a situation then he had in Davidson, but he still may need to try and score like he did at Davidson.

Hopefully his high basketball IQ will stop him from taking too many stupid forced shots. Curry is the typical player that D'Antoni is used to, great jump shot, fast, small but can't play defense. I don't know how D'Antoni could pass on someone like Curry who is the typical Phoenix Suns player that D'Antoni had.

I doubt Curry will ever become a good defender if he stays in New York under D'Antoni for too long. Especially since he will most likely be playing shooting guard at 6'3".

9. Toronto Raptors - SF/PF - Earl Clark - Louisville

This pick is a toss up and it somewhat depends on the Raptors free agency plans. As expected, Shawn Marion's big contract should be heading out and that leaves the small forward position empty. Anthony Parker may leave as well but there are more free agent options at the shooting guard position if neither of them resign.

Earl Clark is a big 6'9" forward, but the main reason he is able to play small forward is his speed and ability to run at the pace a normal small forward would and that he possesses the Lebron James like ability to drive to the hole and create. He is strong inside and could finish. The one downside on Clark is that his jump shot really lacks for a small forward. As long as he improves on that he could most likely fit well in Toronto

10. Milwaukee Bucks - PG - Jonny Flynn - Syracuse

John Hammond would appreciate the hard work and effort that Jonny Flynn brings on to the court day in and day out. He is a well rounded all around player with a good jump shot as well as good quickness and athleticism. I'm going out on a limb by saying that Flynn will be picked over Eric Maynor here mainly due to the fact that picking Maynor could be very risky. Maynor could be the kind of player that emerges out of no where to become a star or he could quickly turn into a bust and I don't think that Milwaukee will take their chances and Maynor and they will select someone more proven in Jonny Flynn. Flynn's efforts could really help turn him into a good NBA player. As long as he is always working hard he could be able to steal the point guard starting spot from Ramon Sessions. One weakness of Flynn is his lack of size which results in him not being a good defender. Hopefully he can carry over his scrappy college play into the NBA to help him hold up on defense despite his size.


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