CM Punk Needs to Win at Extreme Rules!

Mr. TaylorSenior Writer IMay 25, 2009

Sorry I took so long. You see, I don't have a computer, so I go to a Computer Cafe in my area to write all my articles. But anyway, lets get to it!

On June 7 the WWE will present Extreme Rules, and it's shaping up to be a great night. One match that caught my eye is the Strap Match between CM Punk and Umaga, and I have a few comments to make about this match.

Since Backlash, CM Punk has looked weak. He has lost to Kane, and recently the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga. Now they are locking up again at Extreme Rules. I see Umaga dishing out all the pain in this match, but I expect CM Punk to win because the WWE can't have him losing at every Pay Per View event.

He's Mr. Money in The Bank for God's sake, and he needs to have a strong showing because, let's face it, this feud isn't going anywhere. And we all know Umaga isn't World Champion material. I don't know why they put him in a feud with Kane in the first place, because it didn't last long and Punk lost in the end.

I expected Kane and Punk to feud over the briefcase, but they just let Kane go over Punk with ease, even though he had the briefcase and nothing happened.

The WWE let punk go over some future Hall of Famers like the Rated R Superstar, Edge, and the angry man in the suit, Y2J Chris Jericho, but you let him lose to Umaga. That's not right.

The Undertaker and HBK are almost ready to retire, so they need someone to pass the torch to like Punk because I see the main event in him. They can't give him the title like they did last year—make him hold it for a measly three months and think he will look good.

In the end, Punk should win, but as you know Vince likes to surprise us these days so keep that in mind.

Feel free to post your comments and tell me what you think.

That's it for me Bleaches!

—Elisa Taylor