TNA Sacrifice 2009 Review Part 3: Suicide vs. Daniels

James TriggsCorrespondent IMay 25, 2009

This is part of my TNA Sacrifice 2009 Review Series. If you have read the first part, welcome back! If you are new to the series, you will find a summary of my ranking system in the first part. Wondering whether the event is worth it to see a replay or the DVD? Wondering about the effectiveness of the show? Not everyone sees PPV's, so some the analysis here could be useful.

I don't state the result of the match because there are some who wouldn't want it. A review tells people whether its worth seeing and evaluates it. If I simply summarised what happened, it could be spoilt a little.

Continuation of Review:

Borash interviews Jeff Jarrett. There is nothing special here, but the dialogue isn’t just a repeat of what he said before. Following is a Daniel/Suicide video package featuring the MCMG.


X Division Championship match: X Division Champion Suicide vs. Daniels


Here we see how good Don West can be. He is much better as a heel and his commentary really adds to this match. Really, the commentary makes the match more enjoyable during the slower parts. There is even a Curryman reference. This match may have Don West’s best performance to date.


It is hard to believe this the same Don West as the face version which annoyed many and basically repeated what Mike Tenay said. Don West makes some very interesting sounds formulated his words and produces some good quotes. ‘You’ve seen more wrestling tape than anyone I know, apart from myself.” Anyone who knows Mike Tenay appreciates how wrong that is.


Again in this match the pace slows. They couldn’t compete with the speed of the first match and they didn’t try. There was some rest holds early on. There was more contrast and the match later warmed up but the match but the match could have started off better. The crowd is a little disinterested and bored at the start.


The crowd did clap but wasn’t enthusiastically involved. I don’t think the rest holds were used in the right place. They are great for showing fatigue, hence the term “rest” rather than to wear down an opponent. There is a more serious tone here. Selling is better though there are no vocals like what Daffney did.


The match gets better as times progresses. A split-legged moonsault to the outside wasn’t positioned fully on Suicide. Some TNA, Fallen Angel and Daniels chants, but the chants aren’t that loud.  They do some nice work on the ramp. I love the rolling fireman’s carry slam down the ramp, which they sell well. They get back into the ring right before nine.


A meeting of the minds results in some nice selling as well. The toll of the match comes across well. Chris Sabin comes down to the ringside area. The referee confronts him and behind his back Alex Shelley comes in and attacks Suicide. This match was fairly average. It had some high points, but was otherwise rather average,


Post-match commentary from Don West is genuine gold. Daniels gets on the microphone and protests the result. They match gets restarted and Don West is great during and after this match. A nice variety of moves are used, including some good ol’ mat-wrestling.

This second part of the match was good and added to the match, but some of the minutes could be used instead for the Knockout’s Monster’s Ball.


The Entertainment Value includes commentary. Otherwise it would have scored a 4.6. Fell free to substitute that score in if you wish.



Placement: 5.6- Average

Crowd Response: 4.2- Generally average, but went below at times

Relevance: 6.3- Generally average, but had some standout moments

Pacing 5.7- Average

Selling: 6.3- Generally average, but had some standout moments

Cohesion: 5.5- Average

Timing: 6.4- Generally average, but had some standout moments

Moves: 6.5- Generally average, but had some standout moments

Entertainment Value: 6.7- Generally average, but had some standout moments

The Test of Time: 4.8- Generally average, but went below at times


Overall: 58- Average, but the commentary was high-quality and covered some of the match’s shortcomings in terms of entertainment value.

The Impact:

The Suicide storyline wouldn't ordinarily work except with younger viewers. Its hard to have mystery when so many go to pro wrestling news sites to find out what is going on. I think Don West has done a great job in making this more enjoyable...I would not have said anything like that about him a year ago.

I think this storyline could have been handled better, but keeping it as the first of the title matches make good sense. It didn't devalue the X Division at all given the storyline in place. The match itself could have been quite a bit better.

The rest holds were not the way to start and whilst the match improved and had some good moments, Daniels and Suicide didn't put on a true PPV quality performance to me. The commentary kept me more interested than the match.

This match should have happened, but in a different way. Again, TNA didn't put in enough wrestling here. Going technical was fine, but not at the expense of having a very un-X Division-like match. The X Division Champion is meant to showcase the best the X Division has to offer. I didn't see that in this match.

TNA has to be wary that unlike WWE, the other divisions don't get too much like the heavyweight division. Each division needs to stay different so as to have appeal. This means that the tag team feuds, the Knockouts feuds and the X Division feuds all need to be handled differently from a heavyweight feud, or else there is just more of the same.