WWE Power Rankings for 11/4/2013

Alex Musso@amusso18Featured ColumnistNovember 4, 2013

WWE Power Rankings for 11/4/2013

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    After three from WWE and one from TNA in a six-week span, it seems like a miracle, but there was no pro wrestling pay-per-view this past weekend.  My wallet is happy.  But even without a pay-per-view, there were some important happenings in WWE.  

    Kane made his return, Damien Sandow cashed in and Daniel Bryan was sent to the hospital.  There's more, but the week will be covered in the rankings.

    First of all, though, here's how the rankings work:

    Holding a championship, being No. 1 contender or having a Money in the Bank briefcase counts for much of a wrestler's ranking. Wins and losses account for much of the week-to-week movement.

    Only the top 10 wrestlers are ranked, and every other wrestler is unranked. Wrestlers on the "Watch List" were considered for top-10 status but ultimately were nixed. They, too, are unranked, and their listing is in no particular order.

    Generally speaking, the rankings do not break kayfabe, though any major non-storyline information (like serious injury; WWE Wellness Policy violations; legitimate hirings, firings, and contract information; etc.) may be included.

    OK, now on to this week's rankings.

Watch List

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    AJ Lee

    AJ Lee got a loss in a six-Diva tag match on SmackDown after teaming with Tamina on Raw and defeating the Bellas.  AJ just doesn't have the competition she needs to truly shine, and losses to Divas like the Bellas hurt, even in tag matches.

    Curtis Axel

    Axel was on stage on Raw, so his injury does not look to threaten his title reign as of now.  We'll learn more going forward, but for the moment, as the Intercontinental Champion, he's worth watching this week.


    Kane returned to WWE this past Monday on Raw, beat down The Miz, and then called out Stephanie McMahon.  Kane offered her the chance to unleash him, and then gave her his mask.  Kane could be powerful weapon in The Authority's arsenal.

No. 10: Los Matadores

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    Previous Rank: 9

    Movement: Down 1

    Los Matadores continue to win matches.  The problem is that their wins are less and less impressive.  Continuing to beat up on 3MB and Los Locales just isn't going to cut it anymore.

    They look to be feuding with the Real Americans, but have only flirted with a full-blown feud as of yet.  The Real Americans would be a big step up in weekly competition and would help them rise in the rankings.

No. 9: Big E Langston

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    Previous Rank: 8

    Movement: Down 1

    After exploding into the top 10 last week, Big E takes a bit of a hit in the rankings.  He lost to The Shield in a six-man tag match on Raw, though he was teaming with the Usos.

    But after fending off Ryback and Curtis Axel and defeating Dean Ambrose via count-out, losing to The Shield hurts his standing.  Big E drops one spot and needs to rebound this week.

No. 8: Wyatt Family

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    Previous Rank: Watch List

    Movement: N/A 

    The Wyatt Family, finally, may be living up to their potential.  That potential, of course, is as a destructive force that strikes fear into the WWE Universe.

    They took out CM Punk, sent Daniel Bryan to the hospital (while saying "the devil" made them do it) and defeated the Prime Time Players.  That's a pretty good week.  And for that, they earn a spot in the top 10 again.

No. 7: The Shield

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    Previous Rank: 7

    Movement: N/A

    Are there signs of division in The Shield?  Dean Ambrose seems to think Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are beneath him, and Rollins and Reigns didn't seem to like it so much. 

    With a win in a six-man tag match on Raw and a loss to the Usos on SmackDown, The Shield had an even week, and therefore they stay put at No. 7.

No. 6: Alberto Del Rio

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    Previous Rank: 5

    Movement: Down 1

    Alberto Del Rio really didn't do anything this past week, so there isn't much to say.  As expected, he promised to regain his title.  What else would he say?

    But with no matches, Del Rio drops a spot.  He'll get his rematch soon enough, but until then, he needs some wins.

No. 5: The Rhodes Brothers

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    Previous Rank: 6

    Movement: Up 1

    Last week, I wrote, "[a]s a tag team, Cody Rhodes and Goldust are about as high as they can get."  I was wrong.  Granted, their rising a spot has less to do with what they did and more to do with Alberto Del Rio dropping a spot due to inactivity.

    The Rhodes Brothers lost to the Real Americans on Raw but got retribution in a six-man tag on SmackDown, teaming with John Cena in defeating the Real Americans and Damien Sandow.  They're riding a wave of support from the WWE Universe and have moved into the No. 5 spot.

No. 4: Daniel Bryan

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    Previous Rank: 3

    Movement: Down 1

    Daniel Bryan may be finished in the WWE title picture.  He's lost to Orton, albeit under dubious circumstances, and now he's been beat down and sent to the hospital by the Wyatts.  

    Who is the "devil" that wanted Bryan taken out, and how long will he be away from action?  And with flagging ratings, will WWE management blame Bryan for SummerSlam's lower-than-expected buy-rate?

    Bryan may be on the outs, and he drops one spot this week.

No. 3: CM Punk

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    Previous Rank: 4

    Movement: Up 1

    CM Punk got retribution last weekend and put a beating on Paul Heyman.  Then on Raw, he effectively buried Ryback by forcing him to tap out.  It will take Ryback a long time, if he ever can, to recover from the way CM Punk dominated him.  

    Punk is on a roll and looks like he'll be heading right back into the world-title picture soon.  CM Punk rises a spot to No. 3 and still has room to improve.  He could be back atop the rankings before too long.

No. 2: Randy Orton

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    Previous Rank: 1

    Movement: Down 1

    Randy Orton got knocked out by The Big Show during his championship celebration.  And that's about it.  Not a great week for the WWE Champion.

    But, as WWE Champion, Orton gets a bit of a break.  He didn't lose any matches, but he also didn't have any.  So he drops a spot to No. 2.

No. 1: John Cena

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    Previous Rank: 2

    Movement: Up 1

    "Super Cena" is officially back.  Cena, who won the World Heavyweight Championship from Alberto Del Rio last weekend at Hell in a Cell, was able to stave off another challenge.

    On Raw, Cena was viciously attacked by Damien Sandow, who officially cashed in his Money in the Bank contract after the beating.  With one good arm, Cena defeated Damien Sandow and retained his title.  Then, on SmackDown, Cena teamed with the Rhodes Brothers to defeat the Real Americans and Damien Sandow.  

    Cena may be starting to make the World Heavyweight Championship look more important that the WWE Championship at the moment, and he does't look like he's missed a beat with the triceps injury.  Cena is back atop the rankings and may well be back atop the WWE, as well.