TNA Sacrifice 2009 Review Part 2: Knockouts Monster's Ball

James TriggsCorrespondent IMay 25, 2009

This is part of my TNA Sacrifice 2009 Review Series. If you have read the first part, welcome back! If you are new to the series, you will find a summary of my ranking system in the first part.

Wondering whether the event is worth it to see a replay or the DVD? Wondering about the effectiveness of the show? Not everyone sees PPVs, so the analysis here could be useful.

I don't state the result of the match because there are some who wouldn't want it. A review tells people whether its worth seeing and evaluates it. If I simply summarised what happened, it could be spoilt a little.

Continuation of Review:

They introduce the video for the Knockout’s Monster Ball. A fan behind them makes a loud exclamation and does some hand gestures. A friend of his joins him. He has his brief moment of fame.

Knockouts Monster’s Ball: Taylor Wilde vs. Daffney (with Dr. Stevie and Abyss) 

Daffney has a great character. She makes this match relevant. She is a good contrast to the timid Abyss. Briefly seen is a braver fan with an Abyss mask on. I would have liked to see some interaction with him.

Taylor quickly starts putting in weapons in the ring. Daffney uses a “detour” sign pretty much after Taylor returns to the ring and then, in a nice touch, throws it harshly to the ground. Camera goes on a frightened looking Abyss, which has psychological value.

Daffney got loud when she psychotically accuses Taylor. I like her telling the crowd to “shut up!” in the same tone. Overall, Daffney uses her voice to great affect, for selling and to add some more personality.

A good crowd response for Taylor in particular and the hardcore nature of this bout keeps things interesting while slowing the pace from before, which shows good placement. If another match had been in this position instead, it would have been weakened.

Camera returns periodically to Abyss. This is minor, but Dr. Stevie isn’t putting in enough. He isn’t consoling Abyss like he could and doesn’t support Daffney enough, in my opinion.

His clinical calm is understandable, but if he was involved more, it would give the commentators something better to work with regarding his involvement and Abyss’s current character. He does do things, but not enough to make his presence worthwhile.

This match was over quickly. I didn’t like that, as I thought more time would have helped this match really entertain. It felt to me like a good start that abruptly ended. The match disappointed me as the ending seemed really bad in comparison to other Monster’s Balls.

The weapons were used well, but the match seemed incomplete. I wanted to see more even a few more minutes, wisely used, could have worked wonders. The end of the match negated the advantages in terms of placement as the ending halted the momentum.

The timing was the worst thing about this match. There was nothing else that was really wrong, which is why the score is what it is. This is just the tiniest bit below standard as an overall match, but had the making of a truly high-quality match.

Even without adding extra time, if there was a more obvious reason for such a sudden loss, it would have been understandable, though still disappointing. This match didn’t push the victor, but it did make the loser look bad.

This match had the makings of a great match and a worthy addition to the Monster’s Balls if it had been fully fleshed out.

Post match had value in advancing the storyline. The same thing could have been done after a longer match if proper time management occurred.

Thumbtacks were involved and Dr. Stevie does much better in his contributions post-match. Abyss gets slapped. Really good crowd reaction post-match.

Abyss goes for a Black Hole Slam onto the thumbtacks with Taylor Wilde, but then Lauren intervenes and gets pushed down by Dr. Stevie. Huge crowd response.

Spike TV's ban on male on female violence isn't all a bad thing; it helps TNA to conserve it for PPVs and live events.

Awesome Kong decimated a male jobber at a house show suddenly become a lot more interesting knowing it is something that can't happen on iMPACT! These things can make live events seem more special.

Abyss gets hit by Dr. Stevie’s belt. Quite a good post-match segment, that doesn’t make up for the lack of a great match, but makes it easier to forget about it and move on. Lauren gets threatened by the belt and Abyss snaps, hoisting up Dr. Stevie and slamming him down on the thumbtacks.

Whether you don’t like Dr. Stevie, like Abyss getting angry or getting involved with the storyline, the post-match is good viewing and the crowd really enjoyed it on the night.

The Score:

Placement: 5.0- Average

Crowd Response: 6.3- Generally average, but had some standout moments

Relevance: 5.4- Average

Pacing 5.3- Average

Selling: 6.1- Generally average, but had some standout moments

Cohesion: 4.4- Generally average, but went below at times

Timing: 0.7- So wrong that it ruined the match

Moves: 7.1- Well above average

Entertainment Value: 5.4- Average

The Test of Time: 4.2- Generally average, but went below at times

Overall: 49.9- Had potential, but wasn’t given the time to achieve greatness.

Any comments? Other opinions? Feel free to contribute. Everyone places different weight on what they see. The more opinions known, the easier it is for people to determine whether they want to see it.

The Impact:

Was this match worth it? Yes, for it advanced the storyline. Was it as entertaining as it could be? No. With proper time management, TNA could have done both.

This match was enjoyable while it lasted and only at the TNA PPV's is there man on woman violence, for now, at least, which is why the post-match segment particularly had to happen. TNA used to have the slogan, 'We are Wrestling.'

TNA has to be wary that they don't focus too much on storylines, for if they don't go down well with viewers, it can ruin the product. If wrestling is more of a focus, the storylines don't take too much away from the match. Overall, it is more enjoyable.

This match has a lesson. Potentially great matches can lose out due to too much emphasis on storyline aspects. In the long run, apart from great feuds (which have great matches), people are going to forget about this feud.

If you have great matches, more people remember and more people come back to the matches. When you have great matches, it can raise the prestige of a type of match, like the Monster's Ball. You want to have matches that create hype because you know quality is ahead. The WarGames is a perfect example of that.

Towards the beginning of feuds, an emphasis more on wrestling could be better, to judge just how much the audience want to see it. In addition, such a quick ending can bury someone to part of the audience.

That can lessen the impact of feuds before they begin, as the fans don't think that individual can win.

Any comments? Other opinions? Feel free to contribute. Everyone places different weight on what they see. The more opinions known, the easier it is for people to determine whether they want to see it.

Jeff Jarrett package shown, the one any regular viewer has seen many times and then shifts to some new material.

Then we go to Jeremy Borash who reveals that the next TNA iMPACT! will see three people “you wouldn’t expect.”

Two are former World Champions and the other is the newest addition to the TNA Knockout. He plugged where you could get the info. Good to generate interest in next iMPACT!


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