Point-Guard Options for the Golden State Warriors

Francis HContributor IMay 25, 2009

Now that the Golden State Warriors can officially say goodbye to Blake Griffin (who is expected to go No. 1 to the Los Angeles Clippers), they can now start looking into who they really need (Chris Bosh is not the answer either).

What the team really needs right now is a good, big point guard who can defend and make up for Monta Ellis' lack of defense. Nellie's plan of putting Monta at point is good, but Ellis is really more of a shooter and should be scoring and receiving passes rather than bringing down the ball and passing it up.

So here is my list for Larry Riley on possible point guard options for the Golden State Warriors:

Ricky Rubio is a true point guard who apparently is an excellent passer and playmaker, a good defender who gets into the passing lanes. Would have been a great fit for the Warriors, a better fit than Blake Griffin if you ask me, but it would be a tall order to get him.

This is especially true right now as the Warriors brass and Dan Fegan are not exactly the best of friends.

Brandon Jennings is a good possibility to be selected by the Warriors in this year's draft. He is very athletic, a good scorer, but once again, he is not a good defender. His upside is that, with his speed, the Warriors will be one of the faster teams in the NBA

Baron Davis wants to come back to the only fans that actually loved him. If only the Warriors and the Clippers can trade BD for Maggette, then many Clippers fans will be happy. They can even throw in Jamal Crawford who has the ability to score from the point guard position.

Rafer Alston is going to be chopped liver after this season, with Jameer Nelson coming back and that should make the Magic even stronger. Rafer will not allow himself to be a back up point guard and deserves a starting spot.

Rafer will be a great fit for the Warriors as he has a pass first mentality and he can give Biedrins all those easy shots that BD was giving him the past three seasons. 

Kyle Lowry is probably the cheapest in this list, which I am sure will make the Warriors front office very happy, because that is what they are...Cheap! He will definitely want something more than just being the back up guard for Aaron Brooks after a big year this season for the Rockets. What is best about him is that he does not settle for jump shots.

Jordan Farmar is now out of Phil Jackson's rotation, he is slowly coming back, but it seems like Farmar may want something more, and once again, the Warriors could be willing to take him. He can run the break and he is not a defensive liability.

The Warriors have an excellent lineup that actually complements each other and it's very obvious that Mullin was doing a good job until BD bolted and Monta's had his moped mishap. I always wonder how much better the Warriors would have been if everything worked out the way Mullin envisioned it.

Biedrins, Turiaf, Randolph, Wright, Azubuike, Jackson, Ellis, Bellineli, Morrow and Watson are the only players worth keeping. Magette and Crawford can go, however, they will have to be dealt separately as they are too expensive to trade together.

The search for a point guard continues.

I am sure there are more point guards out there that I have missed, however this is where I feel the Warriors should look when it comes to point guards this offseason.