2008 NHL Playoffs: Wish I Could Have Seen Dallas Whip Anaheim Tonight

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2008 NHL Playoffs: Wish I Could Have Seen Dallas Whip Anaheim Tonight

I come home today from work, and check out what Stanley Cup playoff games are on TV tonight. I check the NHL website; they're advertising the Washington Capitals vs. the Philadelphia Flyers at 7 p.m. and the Calgary Flames against the San Jose Sharks as the late game.

I also notice that the Dallas Stars are playing against the Anaheim Ducks tonight. I go to my TV page on the internet, scroll down to the Fox Sports Southwest (Fox SW) channel and...and...and they have a baseball game on the air?

Sure enough, it's the Texas Rangers vs. the Toronto Blue Jays. Immediately I think, "Go Blue Jays" because I was born in Toronto. But then my brain reboots and I think, where is the Stars game? Why is Fox SW opting for a baseball game instead of showing the most exciting playoffs in all of sports?

I began to think. Why wouldn't they program the Stars game into their schedule? Could it be a contract thing? Don't ask me, I don't know nothing about no contracts. I'm the other side of the radio and TV industry. That jargon that they use is way over my head.

I thought more about it.

Maybe Fox SW doesn't like the Stars? Well, that can't be true. The show some of their games throughout the regular season. You know, when I lived in Ann Arbor, MI, there were two stations that played Red Wing games. I got to watch each and every game from the comfort of my own living room.

It was not uncommon to find me on the couch, bag of chips in one hand and a Coke in the other, during the NHL season, hollering, rooting, and cheering the Wings onto victory. Enjoying every moment of it.

Here in Okieland, well, you know what I've said about that.

I am just stumped by this. Maybe someone from Fox SW could send us all a letter or an email to explain this. We don't get enough hockey here anyways. Now you have to take away the playoffs? If Dallas goes on to the finals, are you not going to show those games either?

OK, did I make them mad or something?

Well, I did manage to find out that Dallas beat the Ducks 3-1, taking a three games to one lead over Anaheim. Congratulations to you, Dallas, I wish I could have seen it happen.

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