Rafael Nadal Yellow-Carded for Fashion Violation (Satire)

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Rafael Nadal Yellow-Carded for Fashion Violation (Satire)
(Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images)

In a shocking turn of events and a first ever of its kind, we at fashionfauxpas.com have just learnt the authorities at Roland Garros have penalized defending champion Rafael Nadal for a severe fashion violation.

Nadal has been yellow-carded in his first round match for wearing a hot pink t-shirt with bright yellow sweat bands and bandanna. The match referee when contacted had the following to say, "We at Roland Garros are certainly not as stuffy as the All England Club and we encourage creativity with everyone's tennis outfits. I mean just plain whites, what is that? However we cannot tolerate hot pink and yellow. To put it simply, it clashes horribly with our gorgeous red courts. If Rafa were to wear this at Flushing Meadows later this year, it would look stunning though!"

At the start of the match the umpire asked Rafa to remove the offensive piece of clothing and play bare chested, but the minute he did so, it created such a frenzy amongst the females present at Philippe Chatrier that play simply could not continue. He was promptly asked to put his shirt back on and then yellow-carded.

Sources claim that Nadal has been yellow-carded (ironic as yellow is a part of his offensive outfit) for this match and if he persists in wearing the obnoxious colours in his second round match, the tournament authorities say they will have no choice but to red card him from the tournament.

If this happens, Rafa will be the first champion who will be unable to defend his title on account of a Fashion Violation.

When we contacted Nike to ask them about Rafa's unusual colours they said it was the champion himself who insisted on these colours. They quoted Rafa to have said "Well if that Roger Federer can cry like a sissy girl all the time and people still cheer him, I can wear hot pink no?"

Maria Sharapova is meanwhile rumoured to be highly agitated that Rafael Nadal has stolen the focus with his outfit. "I mean why does he have to wear that and steal my thunder? That was my colour! He is able to play and win on clay; but for me, fashion is all I have here!"

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