Las Vegas Gives Philadelphia 76ers Insane Championship Odds in 2013-14

Adam FromalNational NBA Featured ColumnistOctober 30, 2013

Oct 11, 2013; Newark, DE, USA; Philadelphia 76ers forward Thaddeus Young (21) brings the ball up court during the first quarter against the Boston Celtics at Bob Carpenter Sports Convocation Center. The Sixers defeated the Celtics 97-85. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

If you want to make a whole lot of money, don't go to Las Vegas and waste it on the Philadelphia 76ers. Unless you're betting against them. 

The Sixers figure to be one of the worst teams in NBA history, and they're expected to make a strong push for the all-time lowest winning percentage. Hell, their new head coach, Brett Brown, has even publicly acknowledged that he has only six legitimate NBA players on the roster and the rest of the guys are just fighting for their professional lives. 

But this is a new low. 

According to the Associated Press' Tim Dahlberg, you can bet on the Sixers winning the 2013-14 NBA title and receive unheard-of 9,999-1 odds.

What does that mean? If you wanted to make a dollar shy of 10 grand, you'd just have to hand over a single bill worth $1. 

Imagine what the odds would be if Thaddeus Young gets traded.
Imagine what the odds would be if Thaddeus Young gets traded.

As Jeff Sherman, an oddsmaker for the LVH sports book, said, "It was the highest number our computers would let us put in."

Yep. That means that if it were possible to override the computers, the odds would be even worse. Now I don't have to collect bets when I set title odds, but the last time I did, I had the Sixers at the dreaded—and ultimately impossible—-1 odds. 

It doesn't matter what the odds are. 

Whether the Sixers are coming in at 100-1, 9,999-1 or -1, betting on them is just plain dumb. It's throwing away money for the minuscule chance of getting a ridiculously large payday. It's worse than buying a lottery ticket and then throwing it out before learning whether it contains the winning numbers. 

As B/R's Dan Levy said, "Even at those odds [9,999-1], putting down that bet is not worth losing the dollar."

Save your money. Maybe you'll be able to use that dollar to gain entry to a Sixers home game as they lead the league in the Andrew Wiggins sweepstakes throughout the year.