Things Got Weird at the WGC Champions in Shanghai, Guys

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterOctober 30, 2013

Image via @PGATour

Jason Dufner doesn’t always hang out with Shanghai warriors, but when he does, it’s an unforgettable moment for all involved.

Dufner and other pros are currently in Shanghai, China, preparing to kick off the 2013 WGC-HSBC Champions, and judging by a pre-tournament photo shoot they participated in, things are getting incredibly weird/awesome.

The PGA’s Twitter account alerted the world to this fact by tweeting out several images from the shoot on Tuesday night, and they’re probably the best things you’ll see all week.

The first image tweeted included Phil Mickelson and Ian Poulter facing off with ceremonial weapons. 

There it is—just Phil being Phil and gingerly touching the tip of a gilded pole cleaver against Poulter’s bronze-handled short sword. 

Normally I bet on Mickelson to win, but at this range Poulter would make quick work of Lefty. The advantage of pole weapons is reach, mind you.

As if things couldn’t get any greater, the PGA kicked it up another notch with an image of Jason Dufner meeting a “Shanghai warrior” in full regalia. To his credit, Dufner appears to have kept it together for the introduction. Others, not so much. 

Also, let's not forget Rory McIlroy, who posed with a fuzzy-ended bardiche.

We won’t be seeing Tiger Woods snap pictures with a war scythe this week, unfortunately. Woods has opted to skip the tournamenta decision that has puzzled the event’s sponsors considering Woods has been a longtime benefactor of the tournament and was in China this Monday for an exhibition match against McIlroy.

Regardless, the show will go on. If Tiger doesn’t want to pose with poleaxes and party with Shanghai warriors, that’s his loss.


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