Pittsburgh Penguins Storm Past Carolina Hurricanes

DeSean CudiContributor INovember 5, 2016

The Penguins are tough enough to beat when one of their young gun stars are on—they're impossible to beat when both are.  The Penguins are making this series look like a cake walk, as they are now up 3-0.  Goals, come just like wins.

It's not like the Canes didn't have a chance though.  Staal, Whitney, and Cole all had rushes that were stopped by the Pens underrated defense, or by Fleury.

Marc-Andre Fleury has been tough to score on, although when it rains it pours.  Fleury is averaging 2.7 goals against him.  Hal Gill has been a cause of some of those, as he has looked terrible defensively.

"Sid and Geno (Malkin) make everybody look better," says Guerin.  "The opportunity is here.  We have more experience, and I have more determination than last year," the phenom Crosby said.

Boy was Guerin and Crosby right.  Malkin has 16 points within six games.  Not to mention Crosby is on the verge of setting the playoff record for goals scored. Crosby has had to face some trouble though as Matt Cullen has been trying to get to his head.  Cullen has already hit Crosby in the mouth, and was called two times on a trip.

Even though there were few Penguin fans there, you could still here the "MVP" chants for Malkin.  Pittsburgh has trailed in this series for less than fourteen minutes, in three games, something for everybody on the team to be proud of.

Sidney Crosby's hat trick against the Capitals was the first hat trick since 1994, when Martin Straka got one.  Now, you're seeing one every other game.

Hopefully the Pens will get revenge against the spoiled Hossa, and the Red Wings.