An Appearance by Otto the Orange Would Bring Credibility to Lacrosse

Calvin W BoazCorrespondent IIMay 24, 2009

SYRACUSE, NY - JANUARY 24:  Otto the Orange, the Syracuse Orangemen mascot performs during the game against the Pittsburgh Panthers on January 24, 2004 at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, New York. Pitt defeated the Orangeman 66-45. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Tomorrow in Foxboro, Massachusetts, the Syracuse men's lacrosse team with play for their 11th national championship. 

For the Orange haters out there, it would be their 10th.  They say the title the team won in 1990 doesn't count because it was later vacated due to NCAA infractions.

John Desko, the current lacrosse coach at Syracuse, is personally going for his fifth national title.  If Jim Boeheim, the men's basketball coach, had already won four national titles, he would be the current university president.

If the football team gets five wins this year, the student body would be doing back-flips in the stands.

The men's lacrosse team is the best sports team the school has.  Tomorrow is Syracuse's chance to show and honor that.  Syracuse needs to assume victory and go all out in its plans for celebration.

About 36,500 fans watched the semifinals yesterday.  More fans of the Orange need to show up tomorrow to make up for the Duke and Virginia fans that left town after embarrassing losses.

Cheerleaders would be nice to see tomorrow as well.  I can hear them cheering now.

Hit them here.  Slash them there.  Knock them on their derrieres.

Cheerleaders and more fans would be great, but the most needed attraction for tomorrow is Otto the Orange, the school's beloved mascot.

If an important game is going on involving Syracuse, Otto is there.  Having Otto at the game would show the nation that lacrosse is a major sport—and a vital one for Syracuse.

School commencement at Syracuse has already occurred, so the student or students who wear the costume may not be available.  There has to be someone who can wear the outfit.  It cannot be that hard to teach somebody to be an orange.

We know Otto doesn't have a prior engagement to go to—Syracuse doesn't have a baseball team, and the softball team was not involved in the NCAA playoffs.

Hopefully, Syracuse will defeat Cornell tomorrow and Otto the Orange will be there.  I'm ready to cheer.  Everybody join in.

We have spirit.  We have the Orange.  Your team's losing and ...(fill in with something that rhymes with orange).