Montreal Canadiens: They Got Bitten by the Bear!

Miah D.Senior Writer IApril 17, 2008

This afternoon, on the parking lot of the Bell Center, hundreds of fans held a Tailgate party to celebrate what they thought would be the end of the Montreal-Boston series.

Even Youppi was there to dance with a few fans, and I had the opportunity to say hi. How sweet! Some conversations in the crowd were about the new Max Lapierre and Carey Price haircuts, a Mohawk, generously made by secretly talented Guillaume Latendresse.

But if I knew what kind of night was waiting for me, I would have bought myself a big Haagen Dazs, rented Seinfeld, got into my bed and waited patiently for 10 pm to check the final score.

Indeed, the Habs were looking to put an end to the series, leading 3-1. But "looking" is a big word, and apparently they like to use it over and over.

The first period was one of those that makes you think about the promised land. After Alex Kovalev's amazing goal, I already pictured myself wearing the proud jersey of the first round winners tomorrow at school.

Then, the game was tied in the second, on a power play, with a goal by former healthy scratch Phil Kessel. Then, I was still okay, hoping for a come back but I started to miss George Costanza.

Afterwards, rookie Carey Price made a rookie mistake: instead of keeping the puck after the amazing glove save he made, he allowed a rebound that got on Glen Metropolit's stick. The puck ended in the net and it was 2-1 for Boston.

But I was still up to the challenge, I still had it; and I was going to pay for that excess of enthusiasm.

Rookie Sergei Kostitsyn got caught for hooking, and Zdeno Chara took the opportunity to respond to the boos he gets from the crowd. It was 3-1 ... and then, I was already starting to switch between the game and "Don't Forget the Lyrics" on FOX.

As I was trying to cool off a bit by helping the woman to find the right words, I had not much success neither.

It is those nights when nothing works, but nothing at all.

When I switched back, Glen Metropolit got caught for roughing. "Tough times are over, they still can battle back" I was saying to the people around me who were already starting to line-up the bottles.

But even if you head your boys a man advantage on a golden platter, they will find a way to lose the puck. Then Marco Sturm went with a shot after passing the blue line, and Carey Price's down-on-my-knee style was just reflecting the way the game turned out to be. It was 4-1.

By then, I was barely breathing but the CH on my heart was still beating. 

Vladimir Sobotka's goal was the final ingredient to my agony-potion. Drink up!

I am not going to play the bad loser type of game though. The Bruins did not want to end this series, and they played hard enough for it; full credit. For the Habs -that I still love even if they took my heart and crashed it on the ice- they did not want it badly enough. Freaking fair enough ...

Game six (can't believe this!) will be held back in Boston Saturday night.

Coach Carbonneau commented Price's mistake to be a youth mistake, as there was a misunderstanding between the goalie and Max Lapierre. Price, him, looked confident as always, explaining that he is not used to have two bad games in a row and Saturday, he will fight back. Alright then, I can't get into your head, so I gotta learn to trust you. Big deal!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to hang myself with this jersey ! :P

Still, Go Habs ...