Post-Fight Interview with Rashad Evans

shoguncdnCorrespondent IMay 24, 2009

CULVER CITY, CA - DECEMBER 14:  UFC fighter Rashad Evans presents the Best Shooter award onstage at Spike TV's 2008 'Video Game Awards' held at Sony Pictures' Studios on December 14, 2008 in Culver City, California.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Spike TV)

The former champ was kind enough to sit down and answer a few questions after his loss to Lyoto Machida.



Q: Rashad, what did you think of Machida's 'elusive' style?


Rashad: Elusive? You know what weren't elusive? His feet. You know what else weren't elusive? His fists. Somebody should have clarified that for me before the fight. If he was elusive tonight I don't want to face the man when he decides to stop being elusive.



Q: A lot of people complain that they fall asleep when they watch Machida fight, what do you think about that?


Rashad: I can relate, I feel asleep during our fight. Ok, I was actually unconscious does that count?



Q: Did you think your head movement and speed helped you in the fight as many predicted?


Rashad: Yeah I think that by moving around a lot I got in a pretty good workout before he knocked me out. Otherwise it might have been a really short fight. So yeah I'm happy to get a little conditioning out of the fight.



Q: Some people thought that you were still trash talking right before he knocked you out, is this true?


Rashad: Absolutely not, I sleep with my mouth open that's all.


Q: Do you think forcing Machida to come to you helped to negate his counterpunching?


Rashad: Yes, it totally helped. He was so busy punching and kicking me first that he had no time to counterpunch, so that strategy was completely successful.



Q: People felt that you had the power advantage before the fight, do you agree?


Rashad: Yes, I definitely have the heavier hands. Too bad he wouldn't stand still and let me hit him, then I could have proved that to my fans. Plus the guy had to hit me what? Six or seven times in a row to knock me out? Weakling.



Q: Why didn't you take the fight to the ground?


Rashad: I did, I fell down after he punched me but he kept punching and kicking me when we got down there.



Q: Rashad, thank you and good luck in the future.


Rashad: No problem, hey do you know if Silva is going to be retiring at 185? Maybe I can lose a few pounds.



*All kidding aside, I acknowledge that Rashad was very gracious in defeat.