Vasquez vs. Gonzalez: Winner, Recap and Analysis

Maxwell OgdenCorrespondent IIIOctober 27, 2013

Sandra Mu/Getty Images

Live from the Sports City Gym in San Jose, Costa Rica, Bryan Vasquez defeated Rene Gonzalez in five rounds to win the interim WBA Super Featherweight Championship. It was a controversial and confusing ending that saw the fight go to the cards after just five rounds.

The match was even for the duration of the fight, but Vasquez and Gonzalez missed on punches and collided with an inadvertent headbutt. This rattled both men enough for the referee to call the fight and send the decision to the scorecards.

From there, it was Vasquez who saw a narrow edge with the judges and thus won via unanimous decision.

It was a physical fight between the two in-ring warriors, as they traded blows and swapped control of momentum throughout. Vasquez appeared to be the more aggressive of the two fighters, which ultimately led to his victory.

Just five rounds in, it's difficult to honor strategy when the sample size is so small.

Due to the premature ending of the fight, it's unclear if this was a part of Gonzalez's strategy. He was playing strong defense, specifically with his head fakes and glove work, but a small sample size results in uncertainty when it comes to how his approach would've played out.

In the end, his inability to take full control early led to a unanimous-decision victory in Vasquez's favor.

Vasquez is now the interim WBA Super Featherweight champion. Takashi Uchiyama was originally the champion, but the WBA opted to create an interim bout.

On a night in which crazy endings dominated the sports world, Vasquez may have earned the wildest one of all.