Flames-Sharks: Battle for Momentum in Game Five

Timothy WCorrespondent IApril 17, 2008


The Calgary Flames and the San Jose Sharks have produced quite a show for hockey fans in round one of a Western Conference match-up.

In no way has either team played to a certain beat; every game brings something a little different.

In game one, Calgary travelled to San Jose to prove doubters wrong and did just that.

They played with a lot of energy and a lot of passion which resulted in a 1-0 series lead for the Flames.  

Jerome Iginla made a strong move to the net fending off a defender, and managed to get a shot off even after falling to his knees.

Iginla's effort led to a goal from the rebound and the Flames never looked back. 

Game two displayed how stupid penalties will always come back to bite you in the butt as the Flames played nearly a man short for an entire period.

Most penalties were well deserving, but in Calgary's defense, there were some questionable calls that led to the Flames demise.  

The Sharks won game two because they took advantage of the favourable calls and obviously wanted the win more than Calgary that particular night.

Game three started two nights later and Calgary continued to take mindless penalties which resulted in three goals in only five minutes of play.

For most teams, this would be a near impossible feat to overcome, even at home.

Somehow Calgary dug deep within their team and chipped away at the lead and eventually won by working hard proving a hungry team will always out play any other factor.

The momentum shifted in Calgary's favour when Cory Sarich dropped a bomb of a hit on San Jose's Patrick Marleau.

After the thunderous body collision the fans became loud and fueled the Flames energy.

Another interesting point to make in game three was how Mikka Kiprusoff was pulled after the three quick goals and the veteran, Curtis Joseph came in to fill his shoes.

Joseph did not allow one goal and faced many shots to aid his club brilliantly. 

Kiprusoff sat on the bench with a look of frustration spread across his face and his eyes looked like burning blue embers.

Game four began with Calgary playing hard once again, but the Flames seemed to have forgot about the last fifteen minutes, and the momentum shifted towards the Sharks who stole the show and tied the series.

Kiprusoff was given the start in game three even after speculation that Joseph might have became the Flames number one for game three.

This was not the case and Kiprusoff played remarkably well, but the lack of defensive effort forced Kiprusoff to make more saves, and Joe Thornton found the back of the net with a redirected shot in the dying seconds of the third.

Joe Thornton was under fire from fans and media for not contributing points before he tallied the game winner.

Thornton's game winner may spark a fire deep down inside Thornton and the Sharks which could burn into a big fire that no Calgary Flame could match unless they can find a way to steal the momentum back in their favour.

The word of the game tonight in San Jose is momentum. Who scores the first goal, who ever makes the biggest hit, who ever can make the biggest impact will win the game. 

Momentum has swung back and forth between the teams more times this series than a child on a swing set.

Momentum can only be achieved through hard work and dedication. The hungriest team will come out on top tonight and will gain an edge on the series.

According to the Calgary Flames website, Flames defenceman, Robyn Regehr, says everyone needs to be ready to go.

He says the lead is always important, but a good, strong game is key.

Regehr says if the Flames skate and do everything hard, they'll create momentum.