Sheamus Nearing a Return, but How Should WWE Utilize Him?

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistOctober 25, 2013

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With John Cena due to return at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view this weekend, the spotlight now switches on the anticipated return of Sheamus.

"The Celtic Warrior" has been out of action since August when he underwent surgery to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder. With the initial prognosis being that he'd be out four to six months, it means that a return for the Irishman could be as early as December.

However, a Royal Rumble return looks more likely, in all fairness. There is no need to rush Sheamus back into action, and, via, indicated that the target still looks like it will be the first big pay-per-view of 2014.

Unlike Cena, though, WWE creative has a decision to make in regard to how to bring Sheamus back onto TV with real style. He was previously both a successful heel and an accomplished face, and he could easily return in either role. However, there is a different path Sheamus could take upon his return that would certainly make interesting viewing going into the biggest months of the wrestling year.

Sheamus is notoriously close to WWE COO Triple H, with the boss being responsible for Sheamus' initial push toward the WWE Championship back in 2009, just months after his debut appearance on Raw in October of that year.

With HHH now predominantly in the storyline at the top end of the roster as part of "The Authority," aligning Sheamus with the man who gave him his first push would make for brilliant viewing. It would also make sense. You could even incorporate the fact that Sheamus was given a push by HHH as part of the storyline.

That would of course mean that he will have to go back to being a heel.

When he left WWE TV, Sheamus was very much a face, and he was making a decent attempt of it. He won the Royal Rumble in 2012 and then beat Daniel Bryan in 18 seconds to become the World Heavyweight champion.

His promo work was entertaining—not the best, but it's certainly better than some of the top guys in the company—and he seemed like an all-round good package. The beauty of Sheamus is that he is markedly different from any other guy in WWE. His look, his accent...everything.

Deep down, though, Sheamus is still a brutal brawler. His debut on Raw still rings out fondly in the memory of many fans, when he effectively put Jamie Noble into retirement with a series of damaging moves. After several weeks of attacks, Noble eventually threw the towel in on his career (kayfabe, of course).

Triple H is already a brilliant heel, especially with a mic in hand. As is Stephanie McMahon. Having Sheamus—who himself is no stranger to a good promo—as an ally of the boss and shoring up The Authority and its brutes would be a brilliant move and would accelerate Sheamus back to the top.

It also opens up the possibility of another top heel to eventually go against Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship.

Just before his injury, it felt as if Sheamus was going slightly stale. He was jumping around from rivalry to rivalry without any real direction, and his "1-800 Fella" gimmick adverts were another reminder that things were not going all that well.

Sheamus has all the potential to get to the top of the WWE once more. Having him join forces with the man who had the biggest impact on his WWE career would not only improve Sheamus' career, it would strengthen and enhance the ongoing storyline at the head of the company.


Do you agree? Is Sheamus better served as a heel? Or should he return as a face? Get involved with the comments below.