Bill Gates Wants Real Madrid to Play at the 'Santiago Bernabeu Microsoft'

Ryan BaileyFeatured ColumnistOctober 25, 2013

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For many years, Real Madrid have flirted with the idea of upgrading the Santiago Bernabeu. Last week, a facelift for the legendary stadium took a step closer, when Los Blancos revealed four potential designs, one of which will lead them "into the 21st century." 

The proposed changes appear to be more superficial than functional—the capacity at the White House will only be increased by around 5,000 seats to 90,000—but the new plans will presumably include the kind of corporate and community facilities that the club can monetise.

Shirt Sponsor Emirates are thought to be the front-runners to gain naming rights for a project that Yahoo! are estimating to cost €400 million, but several Spanish sources are claiming that Microsoft will help finance the refurbishment. 

According to El Confidencial (source in Spanish), Bill Gates is in talks with the club to put his company's name above the lights at the Bernabeu, in a project that is scheduled to begin in summer 2016. 

El Confidencial claim that Microsoft and Madrid are a good partnership, as they share a similar philosophy: Both aspire to be global leaders who embark upon philanthropic projects. What's more, the two organisations have already teamed up for an initiative that promotes education through sport and technology in Latin American and the Caribbean.

If the Santiago Bernabeu Microsoft does come to pass, here are some of the other tech-based naming rights changes we can expect...


The iNouCamp Pro

If Microsoft team up with Madrid, it is only proper that Barcelona align their forces with Apple. The Catalans are big fans of beautiful, expensive things, and they recently added a very popular Neymar update to their impressive product lineup. Next year, we can expect a Retina edition of Leo Messi that will look better and score goals even faster. 


The IBMirates

IBM used to be a huge omnipresent force in their marketplace, but other competitors slowly caught up with them and they find it much more difficult to dominate. Sound familiar?

If the American tech firm shares the naming rights for Arsenal's stadium with Emirates, this could generate lots more cash for Arsene Wenger not to spend. 


The Samsung Siro

Internazionale are under new ownership from Asia, so Samsung seems like a fitting match for their naming rights. The stadium is actually owned by Milan's Silvio Berlusconi, so the tech giant might need to persuade him by providing some top-notch camcorders for his next bunga bunga party. 


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