Danica Patrick: NASCAR Is Not for You!

Brandon CaldwellCorrespondent IMay 24, 2009

INDIANAPOLIS - MAY 08:  Danica Patrick, driver of the #7 Motorola Andretti Green Racing Dallara Honda during practice for the IRL IndyCar Series 93rd running of the Indianapolis 500 on May 8, 2009 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Photo by Darrell Ingham/Getty Images)

Modern-day NASCAR is far from the old, non-public, unpopular drivers like it used to be.

We see drivers on commercials promoting their sponsors, and appearing on sitcoms that make them stars, and people that everyone know.

But with most of these drivers have the ability to do this, and how many drivers appear on commercials, anyway.

I can only think of very few drivers that appear on commercials, on a regular basis. Jimmy Johnson, has been seen on Kobalt Tools commercials,

Joey Logano has only done one Home Depot commercial, that is getting very old, very quickly, and that was shot out of season.

Carl Edwards has done commercials, ranging from Aflac, to Subway, to Claritin.

Kevin Harvick has done many Shell commercials.

Tony Stewart has done two or three Old Spice adds.

David Ragan, has done a couple of very stupid, UPS commercials. (Sorry but its true.)

But the two drivers that do more adds than anyone, are drivers who need to.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. does ads for sponsors that don't even comply with his race team. Wrangler Jeans, and Nationwide Insurance, most notably. He does this in order to keep his fans happy, and to make himself a celebrity.

And the more commercials that he does, the fewer wins that Dale Earnhardt Jr. has calculated in his career.

And the other driver, is possibly the worst this sport has ever seen. That is Michael Waltrip.

Mickey was loved by NASCAR fans, until, he became a car owner.

Since his cheating scandal, and his divorce, he's done nothing but irritate fans, and the commercials are getting as old as the Geico caveman commercials.

Aaron's and NAPA, and I think Michael focuses more on this than his performance in his racecar.

But with all of these adds, I very seldom see them outside of the race.

But this fact does not apply to Danica Patrick.

Godaddy.com, Peak Antifreeze, and multiple others, Danica has quickly become the face of the Indy Car series.

But her driving skills just aren't there in Indy cars. Many open wheel drivers who were good in their respected open wheel series, have been terrible in NASCAR.

And the fact that the 36-race schedule in NASCAR is very grueling, and all of the commercials she does, I don't know how Danica will even focus on enough to drive in NASCAR.

The fact that she struts her stuff, and uses her gender as a positive to make more money for herself, in a sport that is dominated by men, makes all other drivers despise her.

And me too. The way she stormed through the pits when she had trouble did me in.

She was complaining about her team, and the other competitors on the track.

Danica is racing's version of Alex Rodriguez, except with no talent.

She's won one race in her career. She gets more publicity than anyone, and then she says all that she wants is to be equal with the guys, but then she shows off her large breasts, and tight body in multiple adds.

I would love to have a female driver in the sport, but please, lets get one with talent, and one that is just not trying to be a movie star. This is auto racing, not Hollywood.

If Danica does come to NASCAR, she will stick around forever, because this sport is run by the sponsors, and they will stay because of her popularity. But whatever car she gets into she will drive out of the top-35 and miss races.

What owner will give her a ride? You ask. Who else? Michael Waltrip, Mr. Notalentsponsorspokeperson/racecar driver himself.

When Michael finally does realize that he cannot drive, he will step aside and put Danica in the No. 55 car to promote NAPA.

This will be a real shame if Danica does come to NASCAR, because it will show us that it is no longer about driver talent, but about their face, and in this case, their gender.

I did not write this article, to bash women. I happen to really like women, and it just drives me crazy when someone will use their difference to promote his/herself, and then yell and cry when things go the other way.

Danica, stay in Indy racing, and when you're done with that, go star on some sitcom, or in SI's swimsuit edition, and stay out of NASCAR, and revoke your seat to Chrissy Wallace, someone who won't abuse her gender as you do, and who has cut her teeth in dirt tracks, and short tracks for many years.

Danica, you've already ruined Indy racing, don't ruin two racing series, and stay out of NASCAR, please!