Tazz and Samoa Joe: Not Even In The Same League

Danny HenriquezContributor IMay 24, 2009

TNA has supposedly signed Tazz to a contract, and although I am an avid internet rumor reader (call me a mark, but whatever, I have alot of computer time at work) I can't ever fully trust everything that PWI.com, 2Xzone.com or Rajah.com have to say, but to their credit sometimes they're right.

Bleacherreport.com is where it's at. (Someone give me a cheap pop, haha)

But I have been reading all over that this new "Nation of Violence" angle that they have Samoa Joe doing is going to coincide with the introduction of Tazz into the Orlando-based company.

I'm not going to lie, I do like Samoa Joe and his style in the ring, but I don't "mark" out for him.

But when I was a sophomore in high school, I was the biggest Tazz mark there was. 

He was my inspriation to try harder and show more heart on my high school wrestling team, and have attitude anytime I put on my singlet and wrestled on the mat.

I see Samoa Joe sporting the black towel, and I see him sporting the machete and going around stalking Big Poppa Pump and Keven Nash.

Now I read that Samoa Joe is going to put Tazz as his "storyline" trainer and that's how Tazz is going to be introduced into the company.

This is where I say "Oh no, Hell nah!"

Samoa Joe came in as the "submission machine" and had a pretty good scientific style, but never really got over as TNA champion or really impressed the crowd, facts stating that ratings and merchandise sale did not sky rocket as previously thought because of his babyface status.

Tazz came into the WWE in a crazy way. 

The Mecca, Madison Square Garden in 2000 Royal Rumble as ECW's main man, with a Hulk Hogan type pop and flourished in his WWE run with Hardcore and Tag team Championships.

And now, nine years later, TNA is going to pair up the Human Suplex Machine with an out of shape, cant do a sit up, should be wearing a shirt Samoan wanna-be MMA athlete?

Apologies, I just threw up the three cups of coffee I just drank.

I know the WWE schedule was hectic and that Tazz wanted to return to his home (LONG ISLAND, Represent!) and be with his family.

With TNA doing shows every two weeks in the Impact Zone, the scenario seems better.

But really, Tazz?

Your going to let the inept TNA creative team with such ideas like Abyss and the backstage announcer girl affair and "Dr. Stevie" pair you up with that out of shape Samoan dork?

I'm feeling sick again.

I hope for the first time that the Internet rumors are wrong. 

Don't get me wrong—I like Samoa Joe, but he has no business running off the coat tails of Tazz, a man who sold thousands of t-shirts, performed at three WrestleManias, and was a network television broadcaster!

It's like going from a Filet Mignon dinner at the Capitol Grille to a double cheese burger at McDonald's. (Nah, screw that—a regular 99 cent hamburger, haha)

Maybe if a guy like Samoa Joe looked like he put in effort into his gym workout, has a healthy diet and did not wear that ridiculous looking face paint, I might be okay with it.

But Jesus Christ son, you'd have to be wasted on 12-14 beers to really think Samoa Joe will ever pop off as a popular wrestling superstar.

Tazz may have been too short to be a WWE world champion, but he had the the stocky bulky look (think Ivan Putski to my old schoolers out there) and skills, both on the microphone and in the ring to have Raw/Smackdown (not ppv, but whatever) main events with Triple H, The Rock, Stone Cold and Kurt Angle (Go to Youtube.com and you can "work cite" my point here)

I maybe being bias because I am a Tazz fan, both as a wrestler an annoucer but damn—for the sake of his legacy and his marketiblity, I hope Tazz does not bury himself by aligning himself with Samoa Joe. 

Just bring Tazz in as a annoucer and don't force feed us another stupid storyline.

I already see how the Dr. Stevie angle is sizzling and no one is really caring.  I feel bad for that dude too, but I guess sometimes a paycheck is a paycheck.

But Tazz, for the sake of all the fans—from the ECW arena in Philly to the Mecca Madison Square Garden—don't!

I mean do not let TNA bury everything that you have accomplished in the wrestling world.

"And that's how its going down!"—Danny Hennesy