Why Edge Holds the Key To Reviving the Tag Team Division in the WWE

Rodney SouthernCorrespondent IMay 24, 2009

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  World Heavyweight Champion Edge during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)

The Rated R Superstar has come a very long way since he and Christian dominated the WWE tag team division.  He has been World Champ more times than wife Vickie Guerrero has asked to be excused.  

He has carried the Smackdown brand almost single handedly in recent years, and all from the position of company heel.

Edge now stands in a position to save the WWE from itself yet again, and I think that he would be willing.  This is a man that has taken every angle he has been given, and played it to the hilt.

No matter how asinine (Vicki) or how humiliating (only winning Gold by cheating), Edge has completely embraced the role and made us love it.

Now, the WWE is in turmoil.  The WWE title scene is in a good place right now with Legacy, though they need fresh meat to throw at the altar of Randy Orton and his cronies. The real weak spot is obviously in the tag team division.

The WWE and wrestling in general is married to the idea of great tag team wrestling. You simply can not give us decades of great tag teams and then sweep the rug out from under the entire division one day.

The WWE has done just that.  We have precious few tag teams as it is, and they do not even use the ones that are around.  

So, what does this have to do with Edge, you ask?

As great as Edge is as a World Champion, he is even better as a tag team with Christian.  

Christian would have little reason to object, as he is likely to get a whole lot more over with the fans that way.  Edge would do it because Edge is a class act, and he knows it is good for the company.

Imagine for a moment....

Edge is without the World Title, and Christian has lost the ECW belt.  They both take a vacation for a month or two to let the home-fires sizzle a bit.

Let the Internet rumors and buzz build while they perfect their teamwork and get back to being "Edge and Christian" once again.  

Meanwhile, the WWE starts building up some serious tag teams with Rhodes and Dibiase taking the belts from Carlito and Primo.  

Then they defend the belts every single week against all comers, and build the heel rep with plenty of cheating wins to go with the straight wins.

The key would be to go through some really good tag team angles with some developing tag teams.  Here are a few suggestions: (obviously some brands would need adjusting, etc)

Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio

Shelton Benjamin and The Brian Kendrick

Matt Hardy and Festus (for some reason that one makes me smile)

The tag team division would suddenly get interesting because of the focus on it.

After decimating all comers, and week after week of talking about how nobody can beat them, they come out on Raw one night and offer a match to anybody in the back. 

Out comes Edge and Christian, and the feud is on.  The pop would be so loud that it might just blow the roof off the place.  

This move would not be about simply recycling old stars.  The point is, Edge and Christian would be the perfect springboard for other tag teams to jump off of.  Few tag teams were better at helping other tag teams look good than Edge and Christian.

Think about it...  How good were the Hardyz without Edge and Christian?  The same goes for the Dudley Boys.  They all fed off one another, and some great young tag teams could be built by the pop that Edge and Christian would bring.

Though this article is largely fantasy, and simply what I would love to see, the WWE is based on those very principles.  

It could happen, and man would it be sweet!