I Must Be The Biggest Matt Cain Fan Out There....

Rocky YipContributor IMay 24, 2009

Matthew Thomas Cain.  (I really knew that without reading it up).  I've been watching him pitch since his first big league at-bat.

Matt "Hard Luck" Cain had been extremely well, and very solid through his young career.  Very professional.  His lowest ERA support for the last two years did not force him to talk his way into being traded to another team.  Imagine Cain pitching in the AL for the Yankess (I know, many Giants fans are bashing Cain and use him as a trade bait) - Do you guys know what his record would be?

He never once speaks bad about his team.  He is what you call a work horse.  A plus on the fastball, average slider and curve, and an improving change-up.  His mechanics is so well, and does not seem like he will break down with an untraditional wind-up that might hurt himself (Yes, I'm talking about Tim Lincecum).  His record doesn't speak much. 

He knows he has the weapons, but just perhaps in another scenario, he would be great.  I've met him at an autograph signing at Lefty's Sports Cards.  He is definitely a team player.  I would love to sit down one day, right next to Cain, and have a day around the dugout with him, and talk about baseball, and anything (reminder to self: twitter with KNBR, BarryZito and DanDibley to try for it).

It's 9:09pm right now, top 8th, 2 outs, Bengie Molina up.  It seems like Matt Cain will pitch the bottom of the 8th.  Maybe a CG, 8IP and another "L" for Cain.

Matt is around my age.  Matt is someone that is somewhat like me.  Plenty of potential, and under the radar.  Think about it, he's pitching with The Reigning Cy Young, a 2002 AL Cy Young, and a 6 time Cy Young winner.  I would intentionally go with a Matt Cain game.  He inspires me.  I idolize him.

Leads to my next topic.... Giants pitching...... when the game is over that is....


Follow-up # 1 - Juan Uribe cleared the bases for 3 RBIs.
Follow-up #2 - Fred Lewis homered for 2 RBIs.  5-1 Giants. 

I really need to talk more smack about the team to get more production...