Philadelphia Eagles Shoot for a Happy Matrimony in 2009

Kenesha Ashley NabriedContributor IMay 23, 2009

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something green.

I am going to take the high road here, so I expect the Eagles to have an amazing season.

This off-season is really all about the rookies.

Last season, we were lucky enough to have DeSean Jackson, who did a hell of a job. He averaged more than 100 yards in his very first two games in the NFL. He exploded on the scene with such great energy, becoming Donovan McNabb's go-to wide receiver. I could only hope our new rookies have the same swagger to make a strong statement early on.

However, the Eagles need to be prepared for all scenarios.

What will it take to achieve our ultimate goal? Chemistry. It's the big bang theory of football. It's all about having team chemistry.

The Eagles have acquired two new offensive lineman, Jason Peters and Stacy Andrews. They also have a new fullback, Leonard Weaver.

Peters and Andrews are going to a crucial job in protecting McNabb. They have to be aware of his scrambles and speed. As for Weaver, he is going to have to learn McNabb's playing style, as he will be a recipient of the ball.

McNabb is also going to have to get to know these players. Of what are they capable? What do they have to offer? Once the team understands, the chemistry will be solid. Without this, the team will not go far, even with these talented rookies.

This takes me back to the Terell Owens days. He is as talented as they come. Both McNabb and Owens shared pretty spectacular plays that season. Some could argue that the McNabb/Owens era was solid football.

But, ultimately, it could not last. It came down to the chemistry.

So Eagles Nation welcomes the old with the new, the veterans and the rookies. Let's go out there and create some fireworks.