The Crazy Season That Was the Sens

AJ JarnickiCorrespondent IApril 17, 2008

What a season for Ottawa Senators fans. They went from one of the best starts ever (if not the best) to the collapse of the century.

I'm wondering, from the perspective of Senators fans, honestly what happened? What made you go from 15-2, to seventh and swept in the first round?

It is so puzzling, especially coming from a Toronto standpoint where all we hear is a bit of the analysis from Ian Sendes, oops, that's Ian Mendes. Sorry, my mistake.

From what I know, they had a bad coach to begin with. Paddock was a bad choice from the start.

After the hiring of Paddock, the second domino to fall was Emery. When a guy who took this team to the finals starts showing up late to practice and such, you have a problem.

Yes, that's right I said it: The season was over before it began.

The players showed complete cockiness near the end of the season. They were full of themselves and really didn't think team first. When Vermette is the best player in your last game of the season, you have problems (book it, Vermette scores 30 to 40 goals next year, you heard it here first, take him in your draft and whatnot).

Either Heatley, Spezza, or Alfredsson needs to be your best player, and you work from there. Or your goalie. Gerber, I have to say, came to play. He wasn't the reason Ottawa lost this series. The Pens were just better.

Crosby, Malkin, Sykora, Roberts, Staal...the list goes on and on. Don't feel bad Sens fans, you just got beat by a really good team.

I've heard Murray wrecked the team. This is absolutely bogus. He coached this team to the Finals last year. The only thing he should have done is maybe get some players at the deadline, but that ship sailed and now you've got an 18th pick (I think, someone fill me in on that).

Murray is not the problem. The players gave up a while ago. Muckler shouldn't have been fired. He built this team and he got fired for it. Sens upper management had a brain fart with that one.

Well, that's all I got. As I said before, Sens fans please tell me what happened.