Miami Heat to Wear Special Gold Jerseys, 'Ring Collection' Warmups for Opener

Adam FromalNational NBA Featured ColumnistOctober 23, 2013

There's nothing like rubbing in a victorious season, and that's exactly what the Miami Heat are doing when they open the NBA season on Oct. 29 against the Chicago Bulls

Forget about wearing standard jerseys. Forget about just raising a banner into the rafters of the AmericanAirlines Arena and then having a little ring ceremony to remind everyone that they're the defending champions. 

The Heat don't want the Bulls to see red.

They want the residents of the Windy City to stare at gold throughout the game. And because they can't wear rings during the 48 minutes of action (the number of bloody noses would seriously slow down the proceedings), they're going to be even more obvious about it. 

Miami will be putting on some special warmups before the game starts. 

It apparently wasn't enough just to claim the 2013 championship on the back of those jackets. The Heat needed to list the other two titles and throw in a random exclamation point after "CHAMPIONS."

You can see both the front and back views of the jackets below (h/t Adidas): 

H/T to Adidas for the photo.
H/T to Adidas for the photo.

But the jackets, exclamation point and all, are far from being the coup d'etat. 

That would be the jerseys the defending champs will actually wear during the game. 

Gold is not a part of Miami's color scheme. And yet, you might think it was now that they've won the right to put on that precious element each of the past two seasons. 

Below, you'll see a close-up view of the new jerseys (h/t Adidas):

H/T to Adidas for the photo.
H/T to Adidas for the photo.

You can check out Miami's other new alternates, courtesy of B/R's Grant Hughes. They're pretty awesome, but these golden threads might take the cake. 

I can't imagine how intimidating it must be to stare across the court and see LeBron James dribbling the ball up the floor. Now, take that to the next level.

That gold "6" will just spell impending doom. 

It's a great touch for the defending champs. Although it's a fairly subtle change, it gets the message across loud and clear: We're the champions, and you aren't. 

The stakes just got raised for an already exciting matchup. The Bulls surely can't appreciate this jersey change, so maybe it will make them really hate the Heat.

Oh wait. They already do