Analysing WWE's Feuds (Week 2): It's Not Over Yet!

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IMay 23, 2009

Welcome to week 2 of "Analysing WWE's Feuds." As always I will be analyzing the current feuds of the WWE and whether I think the WWE should "End it" or "Pursue it" based on what I see in the rivalry.

This could include the reasoning behind the rivalry or the quality of matches or the direction of the characters. I hope you enjoy the second installment.


Randy Orton vs. Batista with Ric Flair

I was hoping that maybe after Judgment Day Randy Orton would have moved on to new challengers like MVP. However, when I saw Ric Flair come out to make the save at the PPV I knew this one would continue.

I suppose the involvement of Ric Flair and John Cena was suppose to get me excited about seeing Randy Orton and Batista fight again at Extreme Rules, but it doesn't.

I gave this feud a ruling of "Pursue it" last week because I though it was going to end after Judgment Day and that Orton would move on to another challenger.

I was hoping for a MVP/Orton feud to get MVP's name involved in the main event, but I suppose that is asking too much.

Batista needs to move on to something not involving Randy Orton and Orton and Legacy need Non-Evolution contenders to make Randy's title reign more important.

Ruling: "End it"

John Cena and The Big Show

This feud is boring and I have had enough of it. Show and Cena do not work well together. John Cena got his revenge at Judgment Day and now I think they should move on to other things.

However, I do understand that Extreme Rules is not far off and starting another feud right now would be foolish and it would not have time to develop.

I am praying that after Extreme Rules this horrible rivalry is over.

Have Big Show battle guys like the very annoying Miz or Kofi Kingston. Show could be used so much better when working with the right people.

Ruling: "End it" (NOW!)

Santino Marrela and The Guerreros

I know most people hate the whole Santino lesbian thing, but Santino is still one of the few people on the WWE roster who can actually make me laugh.

His match with Chavo where he looked surprised that he was actually doing good was very funny. I know it may not be a serious important feud, but it was a comedy act.

I could have gone without the Vickie Guerrero match latter in the show, but Santino does a great job of entertaining the fans in a way that few other can do on the roster.

I would say "Pursue it," but it can't develop into anything important, but I do love laughing at Santino and his match with Chavo on Raw and his backstage segments with the Guerreros are actually fairly humorous in my opinion.

I'm sure there are better things Santino could be doing to make us laugh.

Ruling: "End It"


Christian Cage, Tommy Dreamer, and Jack Swagger

The addition of Dreamer really spiced up this feud that I though had run its course. After interrupting two ECW Championship matches between Tommy Dreamer and Christian Cage it looks as if we will get a Three Way Dance pretty soon.

Giving Dreamer a ECW Championship match is really nice. Christian has his work cut out for him between two very strong competitors and I have really been enjoying ECW lately.

I hope this match makes it on the card for Extreme Rules.

Ruling: "Pursue It"


Jeff Hardy and Edge

I might be in the minority here, but Jeff Hardy and Edge are two of my favorite superstars in the WWE today and I can't say I don't enjoy seeing the two work together.

I was hoping they would do something to return my interest in this feud and they did. On Smackdown they announced a Ladder Match at Extreme Rules.

We all know what these two can do with ladders and last time Edge touched a ladder he pushed The Undertaker 20 feet off of the ladder and into a stack of tables. Can you imagine these two one on one in a ladder match. I can’t wait.

You may be tired of this feud, but I say if there is nothing wrong with it, then don't fix it. I do hope Edge has a new challenger after Extreme Rules (We all know Matt will screw Jeff over again). Chris Jericho, maybe?

Ruling: "Pursue It" (but only until Extreme Rules) 

Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio

I was, like most of the current WWE feuds, hoping that this rivalry would end at Judgment Day. As you can tell, it did not.

They had arguably the best match on the card and I did enjoy it a lot. However I think it would be in Smackdown's best interest if Rey worked with younger talent like John Morrison, Shelton Benjamin, and Dolph Ziggler instead of the established main event star, Chris Jericho.

I hope to see Jericho challenge the World Heavyweight Champion after the next PPV.

Ruling: "End It"

CM Punk and Umaga

I was hoping for an explanation as to why Umaga attacked Punk as we really haven’t got one yet. The two had an okay match at Judgment Day, but now I'm second guessing this feud all together.

They had me interested when he ran in and attacked Punk before he could cash in his Money in the Bank opportunity but the follow up has not lived up to the hype.

The strap match at Extreme Rules doesn't sound too great either.

Ruling: "End it"


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