Memphis Grizzlies: Will They Do the Right Thing?

Jordi Soto-PhippsContributor IMay 23, 2009

The Memphis Grizzlies struck gold when they received the second overall selection in the NBA Draft. Getting the second pick is a matter of luck, making the right choice isn't. Will the Grizzlies do the right thing?

Grizzly fans have many things to look forward to. Rumors are swirling about possibly acquiring the first pick in the draft from the L.A. Clipppers, Ricky Rubio could potentially be a difference maker, and trade offers will be flowing in.

So many things could go right here, but also, things could go way wrong.

Memphis has shown a lot of interest in Ricky Rubio, the point guard prodigy out of Spain. Dan Fegan, Rubio's agent recently said that he doesn't want Ricky to play in Memphis and would much rather see him in Los Angeles or Sacramento.

Despite that, Chris Wallace, the Grizzlies' General Manager, is currently in Spain and met with Dan Fegan yesterday. "We had a productive and wide-ranging discussion. It was a good meeting," Wallace said.

Today, DKV Joventut, Rubio's team, plays Real Madrid in the Spanish league playoffs. Chris Wallace will be at the game and following the game will meet up with the 18-year-old prodigy, with his family, somewhere outside of Barcelona.

In addition to all the Rubio drama going on, rumors stating that the Grizzlies might acquire the first pick in the draft, are all over the web. reported that "A number of GMs continue to insist that the Clippers want to move Baron Davis and might be open to moving the pick to Memphis or Oklahoma City if either is willing to take on Davis' contract as part of the deal. Both teams will have the cap room this summer to make it happen."

Landing Blake Griffin would be a dream come true for the Grizzlies. Many believe that they are just a legit big man away from being very dangerous. Griffin could be the final piece to the puzzle. That trade would also make way for a Mike Conley trade. But, again, it's all speculation.

Other rumors are saying the Grizzlies could potentially trade their pick back for a lottery pick and a player. Others are saying we could possibly use the second pick in a deal to acquire a proven NBA talent.

The Grizzlies currently have the most cap room in the league and if the deal is right, could help a team out cap wise big time. But, the reward for doing that would have to be very good. Memphis is in the perfect situation right now. Second pick in the draft, most cap room in the league, Mike Conley as possible trade bait.

The ball is in Memphis' court and it's up to them to do the right thing.

But, for right now, I believe Chris Wallace said it best: "We've got a long way to go."

This offseason could make or break the Grizzlies. Can the front office do the right thing? Or will they mess this up?