Go for LaDainian Tomlinson with 10th and 15th Picks in Your Fantasy Draft

john moockContributor IApril 3, 2017

Your on the clock and its time to draft with the 10th selection...

Having the 10th and 15th pick can be a bit tricky. After talking about the unorthodox style of drafting both Fitzgerald and Moss with the 11th and 14th picks in my last article, here again I suggest doing something a bit out of the box.

Go with two "oldies but goodies".... let's say LaDainian Tomlinson and Steven Jackson.

Sadly enough the days of LT going with one of the top two picks are over. In most mock drafts I have been a part of this year he is actually slipping down into the middle to later parts of the second round. With the 10th pick its a bold but smart move to grab LT for many reasons.

Allow me to explain; For one, his turf toe that hampered him all season is healed andreports have him cutting like he was in 07. Two, he plays for a top 5 offense that is now opening things up for LT with a relevant passing attack. Lastly, he is the owner of the single season record for touchdowns! That has to count for something right? 

He's going to give you a steady amount of weekly points. Looking at the Chargers 2009 schedule it is eye-popping that they play the Chiefs, Broncos and Raiders shady Defensive lines each TWICE this year!

Okay now lets break down the negatives. Other than LT's age, the emergence of insainly fast, Darren Sproles could be the biggest threat to LT's value. While I think it is important to grab Sproles in the later rounds as a hand-cuff, I don't think he is going to see the time off the bench to take much away from LaDainian. Michael Turner used to spell LT two years ago and was a great option for LT to rest. Sproles will also take the heat off of LT but will function as a kick return specialist and a great 3rd down receiver in shotgun formations.

After all the Chargers could have made a huge trade if they wanted to rid themselves of LT this year. Pay him to play and that's what they will do! LT is going to be the biggest steal of the draft. Don't turn your back on him this year.

And then there is Steven Jackson...

You are probably thinking that there is no way that he will slip to the 15th spot this year, right? I know he is rated in the top ten on almost everyone's fantasy websites... but he is a risky pick that I believe will fall through the cracks when the rub meets the road this year.

He has only had one true great season in the NFL. In 06 he scored 13 tds on the ground and 3 by air with 1528 rushing yards and 806 receiving yards! Things just haven't been the same with the greatest show on turf these days. I do feel however that 09 will be a make or break year for Jackson's career. The past two years he has only played in 12 games per season. If he can stay healthy behind a struggling (yet growing with the addition of Jason Smith!) offensive line he could come close to that 06 performance.

Do what you got to do. If you think LT will still be there at 15 and Steven will not... then take Jackson first and then scoop LT up in the 2nd. Personally I would rather have LT this year over Jackson strickly based on the strength of the supporting casts around them. Having two great backs of their caliber should be a great start to any fantasy draft.