San Francisco Giants Fans: You Wanted Youth Movement?

Rocky YipContributor IMay 23, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 09:  Fred Lewis #14 of the San Francisco Giants at bat against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium on May 9, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Let's be frank everyone.  2002, it was great with the World Series run.  2003, it was great to win 100 games.  2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and now 2009.

Left Field - Fred Lewis.  I swear everyone was cheering for Fred (Do NOT call him Freddie) during the offseason, until he only hit one home run, dropped a couple balls in the outfield.  Everyone turned away from him.

Center Field - Aaron Rowand.  Same thing as Fred.  When he wasn't hitting, everyone wants him gone, and wants Aaron Rowand to be traded back to the White Sox.

Right Field - Randy Winn.  "Contract year, let him go, trade him."  What value?  He's a .300 hitter.  Used to bat leadoff for the Giants, now the fifth hole.  Without him, who will man the tough right field?  Oh.  There's a guy name Nate Schierholtz (let me remind you, another unproven hitter, just like Fred)

First Base - Travis Ishikawa.  Spring training everyone was surprised about his power.  Where did it go?  More bashing started there.

Second Base - Emmanuel Burriss.  Plays fine defense and bats eighth.  Very streaky.  Another, unproven hitter.

Shortstop - Edgar Renteria.  "8mil for this guy?"  "This guy to take over for Omar?" Currently he is second on the team with 17th RBIs after Bengie Molina.

Third Base - Pablo Sandoval.  An even more free-swinging Pedro Feliz with a better upside.  His skills at 3rd is unproven and have show great skills.  One of the bright spots. 

Catcher - Bengie Molina.  Not supposed to be a clean-up hitter, but he is.  Simply the Giants don't have a cleanup hitter.  Bengie is the closest you'll get.  Should be an All-Star.

Let's give out some minor leaguers out there...

1.  Buster Posey - the one that will suppose to take Bengie's spot.  I'd give Bengie another two years on his contract, one more year to play, one more year to backup for Buster and groom him. 

Buster has a bat, and have not solidify a position.  He should get to AA very soon and catches Madison Bumgarner and Tim Alderson.  It would be great for the future as they all groom together.  Definitely, watch out for Buster Posey.

2. Angel Villalona - Folks.  This guy is 18!  Does anyone remember Miguel Cabrera in 2003.  Angel Villalona has the upside of 30HRs and 100RBIs yearly.  Plenty of raw power.  He needs to transition it. 

So far in San Jose, he has 5 HR and 21 RBIs in 39 games, not bad.  Let me remind you that it's easier to hit the ball out the park if you're a righty at AT&T.  Unless, of course, your name is Barry Lamar Bonds.

OK - let me stop here.  A catcher and a 1st baseman.  Why did I stop there??

The Giants traditionally will acquire someone from FA to replace names.  The Giants farm system was absolute ZERO when we were trying to contend in the major league level.  In 2003, instead of acquire Vladamir Guerrero, we acquire nearly half the team through free agency.

The Giants will NEVER have a complete youth movement.  Unless we're in Florida.

Be patient.