Ricky Williams and Bill Parcells: The Odd Couple, Miami Dolphin Style

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IApril 17, 2008

Bill Parcells Hoping Ricky Williams Can Anchor Fins' Ground Attack.

Did I hear this correctly? Bill Parcells, the disciplinarian extraordinaire is putting his chips on Ricky Williams?

The same Ricky Williams who gave up football because he didn't want to stop smoking marijuana?

Yep, it's true.

(Begin The Odd Couple theme here.)

This isn't the Bill Parcells who gave up coaching because of the likes of Terrell Owens. (He quit because he didn't connect with the "me, me, me" attitude of today's NFL players.)

This is the new Bill Parcells who engages in realpolitika practitioner of the "when in Rome" theory.

Tuna's come to realize one or two things.

There's no avoiding that "me" attitude any longer, no matter where you go. And the Miami Dolphins are so bad, that Williams is the best RB option he has since Ronnie Brown may not be 100 percent.

That being said, he's ready to cave in and hand this Cheech and Chong disciple the keys to his newest domain.  The worm has turned for Bill Parcells. He has gambled before.

He's won some and he's lost some, but this is the biggest gamble he might ever take. 

Or is it?  Williams has one more strike on him. Another positive test would send him straight to a reality show for life. 

So, the gamble isn't much a gamble for Parcells, after all. 

Will it work?  Can these two men live without driving each other crazy?

Stay tuned to the 2008 Miami Dolphins.