They're Back: Cabbage Patch Kids With a NASCAR Twist

Mary Jo BuchananSenior Writer IMay 23, 2009

Remember the Cabbage Patch Kids craze? When moms and dads stood in line for hours to ensure their child got the hottest doll on the market? Well, they are back, this time with a little bit of a NASCAR twist.

The creator of the original Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, Original Appalachian Artworks, has joined forces with NASCAR to release new versions of the popular toy based on NASCAR drivers. The sport's most popular driver, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., is the first Cabbage Patch creation to be unveiled by toymaker JAKKS Pacific, who is bringing the dolls to market.

Junior, as the first in the series, took the stage on QVC's For Race Fans Only broadcast last evening. 

Coming on the heels of the Junior Kid will be the Jeff Gordon Cabbage Patch Kid, scheduled to be released in the fall of 2009, right before the holiday shopping season. The dolls sell for (or rather have an "adoption fee" of) $45.12. As always with QVC, there are easy installment payment plans available for any race fan who must be a part of this latest fad.

Cabbage Patch Kids are unique because they are branded to be one-of-a-kind dolls, hand-stitched and soft-sculptured, setting them apart from other dolls on shelves. They come with adoption papers that provide the "new parents" with the birth certificate and birthdate of their "child."

For the NASCAR Cabbage Patch Kids, the birth certificates will be modeled after the driver's own, reflecting that driver's actual birth date. For example, Dale Junior's iteration will come bearing his birthday of October 10, 1974 and will reflect his place of birth as Kannapolis, North Carolina.

Original Appalachian Artworks is also set to open a new BabyLand, where adoptive parents and their families can meet with their Kids and hold reunions. The company will of course also continue to operate their BabyLand General Hospital, where no doubt some of the Junior and Gordon dolls may end up after some nasty crashes into the SAFER barriers on race day.

So, NASCAR parents, be ready, be ready, be ready. The green flag is now out for the next Cabbage Patch Kid craze. 

There is no doubt that your kid will just have to have a Kid.