Jeff Hardy Gives Edge a Taste of His Own Medicine

lee raydeanCorrespondent IMay 23, 2009

Smackdown was sensational last night! Especially the two main events, the first was C M Punk vs Chris Jericho, the second was a contenders match with Jeff Hardy against Edge, the winner will name the kind of match they want at Extreme Rules. Hardy won and wants a ladder match.

Edge looked like he was in shock when he heard the words,"ladder match." He has every reason to be. The Hardy Boys made ladder matches popular along with Christian and Edge. So they both know how to use them.

It was a great match from start to finish. Hardy and Edge took each other to the limit. They used many submission and finishing moves. I was jumping up and down every time I thought one of them was going to get the three count.

Jeff was still in pain from last week when Edge and he had a match. Jeff was trying to get over the wall to get back in the ring and Matt Hardy snuck through the crowd and hit Jeff from behind with the cast he has on. Thats how Edge won last week. I'm not saying Vickie Guerrero set it up that way so Edge wouldn't lose.

It did seem strange that Matt ended up with a title match against Christian after the event where he hit Jeff in the head with his cast. Does anyone really know if his hand is broken? Or just using the cast for a weapon? Something to think about.

Anyways last night on Smackdown,  Jeff kept hitting his head and at times he couldn't keep his balance. seemed like his equalibrium was off. Maybe from getting hit with the cast last week and all the times he hit his last night. Still he persevered and pinned Edge.

The shock look on Edge's face said it all. Maybe it was because no one came out to help him, or just shear shock that even though its possible Jeff could have a concussion, he still beat Edge.

All in all it was a great match to watch. Now we just have to wait for Extreme Rules to see who wins the title. Who knows, maybe Matt will surprise Jeff  and attack with his cast again to make sure Jeff doesn't win at Extreme Rules.

Can't wait to see the the next weeks line up. Hope its going to be as good as this weeks. I will be writing about the first main event with Punk/Jericho matchup later in the day