Lebron Vs Kobe, The Worst Finals Matchup?

James BoydContributor IMay 23, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 19:  Kobe Bryant #24 of the Los Angeles Lakers shoots a jumper against LeBron James #23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers during the game at Staples Center on January 19, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.  The Lakers defeated the Cavaliers 105-88.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

As this season winds to a close the Internet has lit up with talk of a Kobe-LeBron final series. It has been dubbed the Dream match-up, with the two best players in the game squaring off and it is sure to bring in huge TV ratings. 

With all this talk focusing on the potential of this series, this article will focus on why this is the worst possible outcome for NBA fans. 

In Descending order from worst to best. 

3. Denver Nuggets vs. Orlando Magic

While TV bosses cringe at the thought of this series, basketball wise these teams both could provide the best games of the series. These teams both match up well at each position.

C Dwight vs. Nene

PF Martin vs. Lewis

SF Melo vs. Turk

SG Smith vs. Lee

"Mr Big Shot" vs. "The Master of Panic"

Sounds like something not even Vince McMahon would miss.


2. LA Lakers vs Orlando Magic

Kobe v Superman II

Ever since Shaq left town, Kobe has been fighting to prove that he was no sidekick, that the Tinseltown three peat was just as much his as Shaq's. 

If Kobe Were to beat Shaq now it would be void. At 38, Shaq is no longer the man on a championship winning team. He doesn't need to be after winning the title in 2006. 

But against Dwight Howard, Kobe has the chance to beat Shaq's successor in his prime. It would end all the debates. Kobe can be the man on a championship team, and he can beat a dominate center who goes by the name Superman.


1. Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Denver Nuggets

Last years Lakers Celtics finals was a nice trip down memory lane. The league pulled out all the stops, to make everyone remember the great battles. Wilt vs. Kareem, Magic vs. Bird. 

Though maybe its time for new stories, new traditions,and who is better to give them to us then the leagues rising superstars. LeBron James a 6'9'' hulk with the handle and vision of a point guard. Carmello Anthony a sweet shooting forward out of Syracuse.

These guys have been playing each other since high school and along with Wade, headline one of the greatest draft classes of all time.

Sidenotes: would the 1979 class be better if both Bird and Magic came out together?

This series could be the first of many great matchups for the years to come. it could be where it all began, the second time.

I think i'm ready to witness that.