Dallas Cowboys May Say Goodbye To Greg Ellis. Why?

Brandon KippContributor IMay 23, 2009

IRVING, TX - DECEMBER 11:  Greg Ellis #98 of the Dallas Cowboys stands on the sideline during the game with the Kansas City Chiefs on December 11, 2005 at Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas.  The Cowboys won 31-28.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Reliable sources, such as the Dallas Morning News, have reported that the Dallas Cowboys are leaning towards either releasing or trading Greg Ellis in order to free up salary cap space.

This isn't a shocker. Ellis shared starts last season with first round draft pick, Anthony Spencer, who showed he is fully capable of excelling at the position.

There is obviously more to the story.

Greg Ellis is a leader, and he's not quite out of gas yet. Even if it was decided that Ellis wasn't right for the starting role, his locker-room presence and his ability to serve as a quality backup would make him well worth keeping.

Besides, in a 3-4 scheme like Dallas runs, you can never have enough pass rush specialists, right?

The situation raises some interesting questions.

First of all, why are the Cowboys trying to free up cap space?

Are they considering adding another veteran receiver? Their current receiving squad is very inexperienced, and it would be a smart move to sign someone like Amani Toomer or Marvin Harrison, even with the risk that signing such aged players involves.

It would also be just like Jerry Jones to pick up someone who could make the Cowboys the center of attention again.

It's been awfully boring with T.O. in Buffalo and Hard Knocks in Cincinnati! Who could possibly get the Cowboys on TV again?

Michael Vick.

Dallas is one of the many destinations that people have speculated Michael Vick could land. Jerry Jones has toyed with the idea of jumping on the Wildcat bandwagon.

Vick would be a very dangerous player out of the Wildcat formation. Many thought Jerry Jones might trade up in the draft to select Pat White, who is perhaps the biggest dual-threat QB since Vick himself.

Plus, Jones has developed a reputation in recent years for bringing in troubled players such as Adam "Pacman" Jones, Terrell Owens, and Tank Johnson.

A less likely possibility would be for the Cowboys to trade Ellis for draft picks. This doesn't seem logical, because no team is likely to provide much compensation for a linebacker who is almost 34 years old.

It seems as though Jerry Jones is making room for somebody. Its impossible to know what Jones is thinking, but it will be an interesting story to follow over the next few weeks.