Detroit Tigers: The Bats Have Awoken

Delete AccountCorrespondent IApril 17, 2008

In the first 12 games of the season, the Tigers scored 33 runs. In the past three games, the Tigers have put up 29 runs.

During those first twelve games, the Tigers had a record of 2-10. Since then, they are on a three game winning streak.

At the start of the season, everyone expected the Tigers to dominate almost every game. There were many concerns about the bullpen, but most people weren't too worried because of the hitting lineup.

The season started out terrible, though. The Tigers were shut out in four of their first 12 games, and only a couple of people on the team were hitting the ball.

That all changed when they Tigers came back from a five run deficit (twice) to win at home over the Minnesota Twins. That kind of performance was just what the Tigers needed.

That night, five of the nine starters batted over .500, and the team hasn't looked back since.

The next night was a close game, but once again, the bats were working, giving the Tigers their first winning streak of the season. 

Winning those two games finally gave the Tigers the confidence they needed to get their game on track.

Last night, the Tigers exploded for 13 runs over the Cleveland Indians, which took them out of last place in the league and on their way to the top.

Its obviously not a sure thing, but now that the Tigers bats have finally started working, expect to see them run to the top of the standings. The entire team will now have the confidence they need to play well every night. The pitching staff will pitch better knowing that they don't have to worry about terrible hitting.

This Tigers team started out the season as favorites to win the World Series, and now that they are finally playing baseball like they were expected to, I think they are right back where they were before the season started, as favorites to win it all.