A Look at The WWE's and TNA's No. 1 Women's Contenders

Christi LottCorrespondent IMay 22, 2009

In lieu of an entire recap of the week, I've decided to take a look at the No. 1 contenders for each company's Women's titles and what's going on storyline-wise.


Awesome Kong: It's a bit odd sometimes seeing Kong as a chaser for the title, but it's a good thing at this point as Kong seems to be in the middle of a natural face turn. This weekend she aims to take back the TNA Knockouts title from Angelina Love.

As proven on this week's IMPACT, Angelina is a great heel champion and I'd hate to see her drop the title so fast. I don't think she will, and that will be a good thing.

Kong is obviously a great choice as champion, but someone else will have to be built up as a contender in the meantime.

Love is just naturally at this point the better choice. Right now, a heel champion is needed to talk trash on the mic and be impactful in a different way.

The buildup for this match is really good. As much as I want Kong to be champion, I'd like for Love to remain and let someone else chase her.



Kelly Kelly: Kelly Kelly became the surprise No.1 contender this past Monday through a Diva battle royal, mainly thanks to Divas Champion Maryse, who sprayed Mickie James in the face with some substance.

The move to give Kelly the title shot was a surprise, whether nice or not, you be the judge. It's obviously meant to progress the Mickie/Maryse feud, with champion Maryse not wanting to face Mickie, who's pinned her twice, with the title on the line. She obviously thinks Kelly will be an easy win for her, and I'd agree with that.

Maryse at this point needs to look strong going into a serious eventual title defense against Mickie, and a win against Kelly will help, as long as the match is decent. I do see Mickie interfering, but it won't be to make sure Maryse loses the title.

This is also an opportunity for Kelly to step up her game and prove she can be a contender of some kind. She'll definitely have to be on her A game, and put on a show for not only the fans, but for the powers that be as well.



Michelle McCool: McCool as No.1 Contender for Melina's title is no surprise. It happened the right way, in a match against her current rival Gail Kim. The two have traded wins and this was kind of a final culmination match, with the big marble on the line of getting a title shot.

The match itself was very good. Michelle does really good against women who are or can be considered veterans, and this match with Gail is evidence of that.

I'd personally like to see their feud continue, with Gail coming out with Melina, possibly getting involved with Alicia, distracting Michelle and costing her the match. The two have it in them to have a long feud, and I'd like to see that for a change.

As far as Melina goes, the match should be very good. She goes in with a lot of confidence, and has already pinned Michelle.

They've had some good interaction with one another in the times they've locked up. This match should hopefully be one of the better championship matches we've seen in quite a while.