Peter Quillin vs. Gabriel Rosado: Preview and Prediction for Title Fight

Kevin McRae@@McRaeWritesFeatured ColumnistOctober 22, 2013

Peter Quillin vs. Gabriel Rosado: Preview and Prediction for Title Fight

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    Peter Quillin will face a dangerous Gabriel Rosado on Saturday night.
    Peter Quillin will face a dangerous Gabriel Rosado on Saturday night.Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

    Peter Quillin vs. Gabriel Rosado may not be the main event on Saturday night in Atlantic City, but you'll be hard pressed to find a more exciting fight on the card. Both guys love to fight, and both know the stakes are as high as they come.

    Quillin will be making the second defense of the WBO Middleweight Championship he won last October. In his first defense, he impressively stopped rugged contender Fernando Guerrero at the Barclays Center in April. He'll be looking to make another statement in the suddenly hot middleweight division on Saturday night.

    Rosado is something of an enigma. He doesn't have the prettiest record, but he's a hardscrabble contender from Philadelphia who is more than the sum of his parts. Don't let his six losses fool you, he's as tough as they come, and he'll leave it all in the ring on Saturday night.

    It should be an exciting night of action, and we'll set the stage for you here with our complete preview and prediction for this Saturday's middleweight championship fight.

Tale of the Tape

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    Rosado is a natural 154-pounder, and he'll be jumping up in weight again for this fight.
    Rosado is a natural 154-pounder, and he'll be jumping up in weight again for this fight.Al Bello/Getty Images

    Peter Quillin is the defending champion, and while he will be giving up an inch in both height and reach to Gabriel Rosado, he should be able to overcome that. He should be the stronger and more physical fighter come fight night.

    Rosado is a natural 154-pounder, but this will be his third consecutive fight at middleweight. He was unsuccessful in the previous two, dropping a 10-round decision to J'Leon Love (later changed to a no-contest after Love tested positive for a banned substance) and being stopped in the seventh round by Gennady Golovkin.



    Peter Quillin

    29-0, 21 KO 

    Gabriel Rosado

    21-6, 13 KO 1 NC








    160 (last fight)

    160 (last fight)





    Chicago, Illinois

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania




    *Profiles via BoxRec.

Main Storylines

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    Is Kid Chocolate a pretender or a contender?
    Is Kid Chocolate a pretender or a contender?Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

    Peter Quillin is the WBO middleweight champion, but that doesn't count for much these days. The 160-pound division is extremely top-heavy, and it has two fighters who are clearly considered a class above the rest. Sergio Martinez remains the division kingpin until toppled, and Gennady Golovkin seems to have a firm grip on—at worst—the number two spot.

    Below that, it's wide open. Quillin holds the WBO title, Darren Barker recently captured the WBA title and then there's a glut of solid fighters jockeying for position in the second tier. Quillin continues to look to establish himself, and separate from the pack, in a very deep division. 

    It's hard to see how he'll do that by fighting Rosado, who, despite his guts, is not a middleweight. A win doesn't do much to raise his star and a loss is potentially devastating.

    Gabriel Rosado is a hardscrabble contender from Philadelphia with a deceiving record. It's easy to look at a guy with six losses in 28 fights and think he's a journeyman. And to a certain extent, that's exactly what Rosado is, but he's taken the hard road and will be looking to finally make good on Saturday night.

    This is his third straight fight at middleweight, and he'll be looking for his first win in that stretch. Last January, he moved up from 154 pounds to challenge WBA champion Gennady Golovkin—at a point when nobody was willing to fight the Kazakh wrecking machine—and accounted himself well before his corner stopped the fight. It's worth noting he never went down against GGG.

    Rosado is all guts, but he tends to be too brave at times. He'll need to avoid that in order to pull the upset in Atlantic City.


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    Rosado is extremely tough, but limited.
    Rosado is extremely tough, but limited.Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

    Peter Quillin has scored 10 knockdowns in two world championship fights so he clearly has some punching power. He dropped Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam six times en route to winning the title by decision last October, and he put down the rugged Fernando Guerrero four times in a seventh-round knockout.

    His straight right hand is particularly effective, and he has shown a good chin thus far in his career.

    "Kid Chocolate" is a very strong and very physical fighter with good hand speed. He likes to control the action by forcing his opponent into uncomfortable situations and using his power to make the difference. Against a smallish middleweight like Rosado—who is a natural 154-pounder—that could be particularly effective. 

    Gabriel Rosado is about as gutsy as they come. After all, this is the guy who sought out a fight with Gennady Golovkin when no top name at middleweight seemed remotely interested. And Rosado wasn't even a middleweight at the time.

    His guts are well known, but he's also known for his aggressive style and generally high work-rate in the ring. He likes to put steady pressure on his opponents and cutoff the ring to set them up for his power hooks and uppercuts on the inside. 

    Rosado has a slight height and reach advantage over Quillin, and he's more accurate with his shots. He also has a granite chin, which he showed in his defeat against Golovkin. Despite being battered, bruised and bloodied over seven rounds, he never went down.


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    Quillin has great punching power.
    Quillin has great punching power.Elsa/Getty Images

    Peter Quillin isn't the greatest defensive fighter. He does tend to get hit a lot—even in fights where he performs well—and he doesn't have the highest work rate in the business. Both of those could present problems against Rosado, who is aggressive and likes to throw a lot. 

    In his fight against N'Dam, Quillin scored six knockdowns, but he struggled mightily in the rounds where the Frenchman was able to box him effectively and blunt his aggressive power attack. He also showed signs of slowing down as the fight wore on, and conditioning could be a concern if he's not able to get Rosado out of there early. 

    Gabriel Rosado is in the unenviable position of having his greatest strength be one of his biggest weaknesses. He's gutsy, and some would argue that he's too brave for his own good at times. He ate a frightful amount of punishment against GGG, and to his credit, never went down.

    He's really a blown up junior middleweight, and he has only traveled north in weight for the chance at lucrative fights. Rosado also has a tendency to become overly aggressive, and sometimes reckless. He often unnecessarily leaves himself open for shots he doesn't need to take.

Peter Quillin Will Win If...

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    Quillin will win if he makes Rosado feel his power.
    Quillin will win if he makes Rosado feel his power.Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

    Peter Quillin is the naturally more gifted fighter. He's very physical and has great power on his punches. He'll need to be aggressive and make his power advantage the story of the fight in order to turn back Gabriel Rosado's upset bid. 

    "Kid Chocolate" has a bad tendency to not let his hands go, and that's something he'll need to be very aware of in this fight. Rosado is a volume puncher who likes to throw punches in bunches, and judging is a very subjective profession. Some will favor a fighter who throws more punches, even if his foe is landing the heavier shots.

    Quillin should come out at the onset and attack Rosado. He should work behind a stiff jab that prevents him from getting set and into an offensive rhythm. That will also help him setup his combinations and allow him to make his power edge the decisive factor in the fight.

    Long story short, for Peter Quillin to win this fight he'll need to impose his will on the smaller man. He has the physical tools to do it, but it won't be easy.

Gabriel Rosado Will Win If...

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    Rosado will need to be active if he wants to win.
    Rosado will need to be active if he wants to win.Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

    Gabriel Rosado is being counted out by a lot of people in this fight, and if you talk to him he'd probably tell you that's the story of his life. The reality of this fight is that he will certainly enter as a pretty substantial underdog, but you can dismiss him at your own peril. 

    If "King" wants to walk out of Boardwalk Hall on Saturday night with his first world championship he'll need to fight with a controlled sort of aggression. He can't go for broke—Quillin has too much punching power—but he'll need to maintain a steady volume of punches that will allow him to steal rounds.

    Rosado's best chance is to make use of his one inch advantages in height and reach in order to box effectively at distance. He's the more accurate puncher, but he'll need to dart in and out in order to land combinations and avoid Quillin's big punches. 

    If he can do all of those things, he has a shot at the upset.

And the Winner Will Be...

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    Peter Quillin is to strong for Gabriel Rosado.
    Peter Quillin is to strong for Gabriel Rosado.Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

    This will be a lot closer of a fight than many are anticipating, and it wouldn't be at all surprising to see the fight remain competitive throughout. It's not quite right to call this a pick 'em, but both fighters absolutely have a path to victory if they fight their fight. 

    Gabriel Rosado will open the fight strong, and he'll steal a few of the early rounds as Peter Quillin struggles with his high activity rate.  The champion will have his moments, and he'll do some damage with his power, but expect a pretty close fight around the midway point.

    Ultimately, it'll be Quillin's power and superior offensive weapons that will make the difference. Rosado is simply too brave for his own good, and he has a bad tendency to leave himself exposed when he lets his hands go. That's a bad idea against a fighter with this type of power.

    Quillin's power shots will begin to take their toll in the second half of the fight, and you can expect something similar to the Golovkin affair where Rosado keeps soldiering on and swallowing increasing punishment.

    He won't go down, but Rosado's corner will see enough in the 10th round, and they'll pull the plug.

    Quillin TKO 10 Rosado