Best Signs from ESPN's 'College GameDay' Week 8

Kenny DorsetDirector of Social MediaOctober 19, 2013

The ESPN College GameDay crew was back in Clemson for the big matchup between the Tigers and Florida State Seminoles. The fans in attendance had plenty of signs to hold up, and no one was spared. 

Here are the best from the show, including some that didn't make it on air. 

Clowney was helping

Snapchat special

Something we didn't need to know

Cleveland Browns QB depth chart

Jameis Winston likes the dentist

It wouldn't be GameDay without Miley Cyrus 

Jay-Miss Winston

This guy is on TV

Dabo wears crocs


And here's the definition of Palmering

Prepare your Jameis

FSU diplomas are in Comic Sans

Rinaldi's jorts