Sports and Freedom: Remember Our Troops

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Sports and Freedom: Remember Our Troops
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Sports are important to the American people but hopefully not more important than the freedom which we enjoy.

Thousands upon thousands flock to stadiums across the nation each year to participate in numerous events, others wait hours in lines to shake their favorite player's hand and hopefully get an autograph, but how many stop and thank a soldier for his or her service?

How many take the time to write a letter, send a care package, or simply say thank you?

Many Americans have simply put war at bay and chosen to think about other, more glamorous things.

Recall, if you will, World War II. Could the Allies have subdued the enemy if Americans hadn't wholeheartedly supported the war effort and our nation's soldiers?

The days of victory gardens, scrap drives, and Rosie The Riveter are gone and the days of fast food, American Idol, and the Internet are here but that doesn't mean that we should forget our troops.

Pat Tillman was that kind of man. The Arizona Cardinals defensive back gave up a multi million dollar contract to the join the U.S. Army and ultimately became an Army Ranger.
Tillman gave his life and by friendly fire or not, he made the ultimate sacrifice.

This Memorial Day weekend, take a moment and remember our service members, stateside and overseas, alive and dead, and remember especially those who gave their lives for you, me, and everyone else in America, remember them for they paid the price for freedom.

It doesn't mean that watching and paying attention attention to sports is bad, just that we should remember the reason why we are able to involve ourselves in our favorite sports.

Without freedom, how could this be done?

It couldn't.

Just because you don't agree with the war, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't support our troops, most of them are young and need your support.

God Bless America.

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