The Changing World of Manchester City

True BlueCorrespondent IMay 22, 2009

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM - JANUARY 17:  Mark Hughes the manager of Manchester City during the Barclays Premier League match between Manchester City and Wigan Athletic at Eastlands on January 17, 2009 in Manchester, England.  (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

As the EPL season draws to a close with no more opportunities for Manchester City to achieve (apart from thrashing Bolton and wiping away the memories of last seasons final game), thoughts are of course drifting to the closed season fun and games, and the possibilities that a new season offers.

The world has been told what will be accepted as progress, with a top six finish a very achievable target and what the club do will give us indicators on the status of the "project."

But for City fans, the next three to four months will be cathartic as well as exciting.

There seems to be an air of measured confidence surrounding City for the first time in many years, which in itself is a major improvement on what has come before.

The fact that players of the very highest calibre are seriously linked to the Blues is almost reward enough but...

Here's some of the things we are led to believe will be happening:

1. It might sound strange but the imminent departure of Daniel Sturridge is a major plus for City. It shows that a yet to be proven player of reasonable promise can go without any massive disappointment.

In previous seasons a player like Sturridge would have been the ONLY hope for City fans and his departure would have been the end of the dreams for another year.

Not now.

He asked for too much money and proved why he wasn't worth it in the game against WBA, and I'm afraid only Daniel himself believes the hype.

2. New kits deals are always fertile ground for debate but we are going uptown for our new sponsors and if what I've seen is true the kits are lush.

I like the move back to Umbro (yeah, yeah Nike) which is City's spiritual kit manufacturer and I like the designs I've seen.

3. A meaningful pre-season tounrnament where we will be seen in a similar light to our neighbours will be nice.

Rather than popping off to the highest bidder our club's now going where the best opportunity exists, South Africa—and before the World Cup as well. Lordy lord that's a plus.

4. Saying goodbye is never easy, or at least that's what they say but I'm just not going to play that game when it comes to waving  bye bye to Hamaan, Berti, Schmeichel, Mills, Fernandes, and Vassell and fingers crossed Dunne.

5. New faces will of course be arriving and all of them highly likely to be wanted by other clubs (i.e. not like Samaras). But I'm not even going to try to guess at who is on the way i'm just glad the club is off the card meter for the gas and leccie.

6. Infrastrucutre to make the eyes water is likely to at least be in the planning stage, perhaps even further developed than that.

Top of the list is a new, centralised training facility close to COMS of a standard never before achieved anywhere.

A vastly improved museum is also part of what we can start to take immense pride in as fans.

There are rumours of stadium developments as well which would be nice.

So this summer will see the change in how City is perceived as an organisation as well as a football club.

It is likely to be the summer where City fans really start to look forward and not back and perhaps, just perhaps a trophy isn't too far away as well.



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