High School Offensive Line's Size Compares to College and NFL Teams

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistOctober 17, 2013

Photo courtesy of The Sacramento Bee
Photo courtesy of The Sacramento Bee

High school offensive lines aren't usually huge, but Grant High School of Sacramento, Calif., has a line that compares to that of a college or NFL team.

The Pacers O-line has an average weight of 312 pounds. UCLA (311) and USC (298) have smaller lines, and the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders both come in slightly ahead of the Pacers at an average weight of 317 pounds.

Check out the weights of each player on the line, courtesy of Joe Davidson of The Sacramento Bee:

Shawn MatautiaLeft GuardSr.6'4"400 lbs
Darrin PauloLeft TackleJr.6'6"320 lbs
Errick DennisCenterSr.6'3"300 lbs
Soape TupouRight TackleSoph.6'4"300 lbs
Charles BellRight GuardJr.5'11"240 lbs

As you can see, they have some big guys on their line. If you take out Charles Bell, the remaining linemen average 330 pounds.

None of the Pacers' starting linemen played on the varsity team last year, so size will have to overcome the lack of experience. But with a line that size, the running backs should have no problem finding holes.

Grant has made 22 consecutive playoff appearances. At 4-2, they are on pace to return to the postseason.


Hat tip to Ben Rohrbach of Yahoo! Sports for the find.