Inside Enemy Territory: An Open Letter to Gene Wojchiechowski

Alec SzczerbinskiCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2017

Dear Gene,

I was browsing the other day and I came across your piece entitled "T.O's just winging it in Buffalo." It was a good read, I will admit that. However, you clearly decided not to leave your bias at the door and insulted an entire fan base.

You made it clear from the start of your article that this was going to be an unfavorable piece towards Terrell Owens. You stated right away that you would "...rather have a case of permanent jock itch than have him as a teammate."

That's great Gene, you hate T.O. You should have put that in your Twitter feed rather than write an entire article about it.

Your piece is premised on Owens' past behavior with teams. It's well documented that Owens burned some bridges with the 49ers, Eagles, and Cowboys. I'm not going to sit here and deny those facts. You completely fail to realize that Owens has not publicly complained about his teammates in his first season with a new organization.

Gene, Terrell is not stupid. Yes, he has a big ego, and yes, he speaks his mind all the time. A player of his quality should be able to speak his mind, in my opinion. The numbers he has put up in his career should be enough proof for that.

But if you think that Terrell is going to lash out at his young quarterback and new team with a one-year contract, you are being naive. You are letting your hate for Owens blind you from giving him a chance.

Look back to when Owens was released. There were few teams that wanted him because of his character issues. Do you think that Owens will alienate himself further by acting out with a new team in his first (and likely only) season with them?

Owens is surely aware that if he acts out with the Bills, the only teams that might come calling after this season will be stationed in Canada.

Gene, you wrote that all us Bills fans are still in "the Niagara Falls Honeymoon Phase." Yes, we are all still thrilled that our team picked up an impact player. I have news for you Mr. Wojchiechowski: This honeymoon will last the whole season, and hopefully into the postseason.

The fact is, if you hate Terrell Owens so much, why waste your time writing an article about him? Better yet, why waste our time? You are detaching yourself from your readers who might not want to read biased garbage.

And no offense Gene, but you do not have the ability to write a great article with incredible bias involved. You are not on the level of, let's say, ESPN's Bill Simmons.

But hey, maybe I'm the one being naive. Maybe assuming that Owens will not be a problem for the Bills is so far-fetched an idea for you to understand. However, I wouldn't call the entire population of Buffalo naive for having faith that their team can succeed with a play-maker like Terrell Owens.


Every Single Fan of the Buffalo Bills.