What to Read or Not, Help!

True BlueCorrespondent IMay 22, 2009

I have just finished reading the rather enjoyable Mike Summerbee autobiography, although I feel that you have to have a love for Manchester City to get the most out of it.

I have read a few sports biographies recently, but must admit to feeling rather disinterested in the life of Lewis Hamilton, even in the Formula One years.

There seems an unnecessary haste to get such books into print nowadays with the Wayne Rooney life story already several years old.

I must admit to feeling somewhat frustrated when it comes to sports people penning life stories well before their active years are over.

We all know it's about the money for them, but which deluded fans buy them?

There is also the ghostwriter who has to add spice and interest to the less than interesting lives.

The talented Sue Mott was on radio in the last few days admitting to finding Andy Murray boring when interviewing him. So that's another one to avoid, I expect.

I have a passion for the biography now, perhaps as I get older and the players I have watched are more often retired than active that I have a more reflective mind set.

But the people who I want to read about are from an older generation, Brian Clough, George Best, Jack Nicklaus, and Fred Trueman to name a few.

Perhaps, I assume that they are doing it less as a marketing exercise and more as a way of telling their side of things.

Now that's a nice idea, a truthful polemic...perhaps that will catch on.

I had a quick browse on Amazon (other on-line book emporiums offer similar services) and was staggered to see that I could treat myself to books on or by most of the sports people currently playing, or in Johnny Wilkinson's case under treatment.

Even referees are getting in on the act but I admit that Graham Poll would likely offer an alternative point of view.

I will not rush to buy a book by Drogba or Ronaldo, but would likely spend cash on Colin Bell's life story.

Similarly, the idea of digging deep for a Marcus Trescothick tome is unlikely to happen, but I would gladly (and likely will) have a read of Sir Garfield Sobers.

So where are the good books from modern sportsmen and women?

I suspect not from Torres or Rooney or Anderson or Broad.

So if anyone can recommend a good book from a current sportsperson, please feel free to do so.