Yankees on Cloud Nine, Bring on the World Champs

Daniel HillmanContributor IMay 22, 2009
The Yankees made it nine straight on Thursday night, with a 7-4 win over the Orioles.

They’re hitting, they’re pitching, and, suddenly, their bullpen has so much depth that people are fighting for jobs.

That’s how good it is in Yankees’ land, right? That’s a reminder to you quick-to-press-the-panic-button Yankees’ fans: a baseball season is made up of six months. Not three weeks.

And, now, in the midst of a nine-game winning streak, the Yankees will welcome the defending World Champion, the Philadelphia Phillies, for a Memorial Day three game set that kicks off Friday night at the New House.

The Phillies will be coming into New York. They are winners of six of their last seven, despite the fact that their team ERA is 5.33, which is second worst in the National League behind those dreadful WashingtonNatinals."

The Phillies do mash at the plate, though, and will love the idea of hitting in the New Yankee Stadium. This is a ball-park that makes even the lightest hitting utility infielder want to grab a bat and take a couple swings.

But, if you’re the Yankees, here is a nice notion for you: over the next three days, you will be sending A.J. Burnett, Andy Pettitte, and CC Sabathia to the mound.

You’ve won nine straight, and you’ll be sending to the mound, arguably, your three best starters.

The Yankees will be facing the likes of Brett Myers on Friday night, J.A. Happ on Saturday, and Cole Hammels on Sunday. Happ will be making his first start of the season on Saturday after the Phillies finally realized that Chan Ho Park career had a expiration date of Sep. 2001.

As a baseball fan, the Cole Hammels vs. CC Sabathia matchup on Sunday is the sort of great battle that makes interleague worthwhile (For example, the Diamondbacks will be heading to Oakland this weekend to play the Athletics—plenty of seats still available for that clash). Last time Sabathia met the Phillies was the NLDS last season.

As a baseball fan, even if you hate interleague play, sometimes you've got to swallow that pride and be grateful for a sweet matchup, a matchup like the one going down in the Bronx, this first weekend of summer.