Game Tweets: Western Conference Finals Game 2 in 140 Characters Or Less

Andrew A. McNeillCorrespondent IMay 22, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 21:  Kobe Bryant #24 of the Los Angeles Lakers looks to drive against Carmelo Anthony #15 of the Denver Nuggets in the fourth quarter of Game Two of the Western Conference Finals during the 2009 NBA Playoffs at Staples Center on May 21, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Game tweets, running notes of Thursday's Game 2 between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets in 140 characters or less.

Note: Most of these tweets do not appear in my actual Twitter feed and none of these Twitter accounts are real except @CedGolden and @the_tigercub. As far as I know.


7:02 pm: Woohoo, 1 hour pre-game show! Can't wait to hear what recycled arguments ESPN has prepared for today!

7:03 pm: When are we going to get the ESPN Stuart Scott Lazy Eye Cam sponsored by Toyota?

7:06 pm: Do you think Stu Scott just watches old Fresh Prince of Bel Air reruns when he writes his jokes for the night's telecast?

7:08 pm: Stu Scott does an impression of George Karl's post-game press conference. Michael Wilbon just got dumber for having to sit next to him.

7:19 pm: @jon_barry Bobbie Gibson doesn't play anymore because the Cavs signed Mo Williams. Just so you know.

7:20 pm
: I thought we put all these "why did LeBron James pass with the game on the line" questions to bed three or four years ago.

7:26 pm
: @jon_barry is in the video game, quick somebody press reset or delete the game save!

7:27 pm: Hey, did you know @mr_big_shot is from Denver? Because I hadn't heard that.

7:33 pm: Just saying it now, before all the national media jumps on it, but Carmelo Anthony has the most complete offensive game in the league.

7:43 pm: They're making a big deal out of Dwight Howard's pre-game meal yesterday. Is McDonalds underwriting the pre-game show today?

7:52 pm: Stu Scott's threats don't scare me. I turned the channel during a commercial.

7:56 pm: Can't believe I watched the entire pre-game show instead of the first 3 innings of the Astros game. An hour of my life I'll never get back.

8:04 pm: With the Lakers reputation as a soft front line, why would your highlight video to hype the crowd have clips of them getting knocked down?

8:05 pm: I think somebody just slipped the Lakers P.A. announcer some sort of sedative. His voice didn't change from Denver's intros to the Lakers.


10:54 Q1: Looks like the refs are going to be coddling Andrew Bynum early. Foul on Kenyon Martin.

8:55 Q1: The refs miss a first foul when Melo goes for a layup, but they make up for it with a touch foul on a layup. And 1. Gotta love NBA refs.

7:46 Q1: The Staples Center: Where touch fouls happen.

6:12 Q1: Dear LA fans, LeBron already won the MVP. And it wasn't close. Stop chanting.

5:41 Q1: Two shady touch fouls and two actual fouls give Dahntay Jones four in the first quarter. We'll see you in the second half Dahntay! 13-12 LAL

4:58 Q1: Apparently Bynum can get fouled, but not foul.

4:36 Q1: Uber-dirty RT @JVGundy "You see the value of penetration on both ends."

3:23 Q1: The refs are giving the Lakers the Western Conference title, but they keep trying to re-gift it to Denver. 23-16 LAL #callthegamesequal

3:23 Q1: They're showing the celebs at the game. Is Tom Cruise the Oscar de la Hoya of acting? Discuss.

1:34 Q1: No energy from Denver, in danger of getting run out of the gym early. 27-19 LAL

0:32 Q1: Apparently, Linas Kleiza is still alive. 29-23 LAL

0:00 Q1: @the_machine misses at the buzzer. 31-23 LAL


12:00 Q2: George Karl seems calm in his between quarter interview, but his ears are threatening to shoot steam out.

9:25 Q2: The Nuggets are deader than KG's knee, but they are hanging just close enough for me not to turn off the TV. 35-26 LAL

9:00 Q2: So Jerry West thinks LeBron is better than Kobe now? What, did the MVP award tip him off?

7:18 Q2: When did the Lakers sign Bow Wow? Wait, that's Shannon Brown? Are you sure because I didn't think Shannon Brown was that good. 41-27 LAL

6:48 Q2: Luke Walton is no Pistol Pete.

5:20 Q2: Whenever he gets to full speed, I keep expecting Jordan Farmar's ears to open up and lift him up off the court into the rafters.

4:56 Q2: Carmelo is about to Start Shootin' the Nuggets back into the game. Or not. 47-36 LAL

4:38 Q2: George Karl has Anthony Carter guarding Kobe Bryant. That'll get the Nuggets back in the game.

3:31 Q2
: Mike Breen called an Andrew Bynum missed fade away "aggressive." When has a fade away ever been considered aggressive?

2:40 Q2: Mark Jackson is killing Nene for not running back and helping Melo on one of Kobe's drive. What about the other three Nuggets who were back?

1:55 Q2: Kenyon Martin scores despite the obvious foul from Pau Gasol. Steve Javie literally swallows his whistle. 53-42 LAL

0:55 Q2: Nuggets making a quick run at the end of the half. The ghost of Linas Kleiza is doing big things. 53-48 LAL

0:03 Q2: Billups threw the ball off Kobe's back on an inbounds pass and scored the layup. Somewhere, Chauncey's grandma is angry.


9:15 pm: Denver goes on a killer 14-2 run and is only down 55-54 at the half. I'm curious which teammate Kobe will strangle first.

9:16 pm
: Awful first half from Denver and they're only down 1. Good position to be in. That's what she said.

9:20 pm
: Tonight's second half jokes will be brought to you by Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey: because I can't afford any better.

9:29 pm: Despite how badly Denver played, a look down the box score shows they're beating LA in almost every category and close in all the others.


11:20 Q3: Carmelo easy jumper right over Derek Fisher. 56-56

8:42 Q3: Denver is definitely playing with more energy. Whether or not that is a good thing is yet to be known.

7:20 Q3: Andrew Bynum is nowhere to be seen. He's like a reverse victory cigar. You only see him at the beginning of a game. 64-64

6:05 Q3: Sometimes, Steve Javie misses way too many calls. RT @JVGundy "Sometimes you just miss a call."

5:10 Q3: A double forearm shiver to Dahntay Jones' back starts a Laker fast break. And 1. 71- 64 LAL

2:47 Q3: The Lakers have both momentums right now, the crowd's and the refs'. And yes, I'm biased. 75-71 LAL

2:47 Q3: Time for a refill.

2:26 Q3: Bow Wow running point. Then a 24 second call. Coincidence?

1:20 Q3: My DVR tried to send me over to The Daily Show because I'm recording that and the end of the Astros game. Sorry Jon Stewart, not happening.

1:02 Q3: Refs are calling some really late fouls. On both sides. It's annoying. Worst part of the NBA right now by far is the officiating.

0:40 Q3
: Melo just flopped on a rebound and got a foul on Kobe. See previous tweet.

0:00 Q3: Bow Wow air-balls a long 2 with time running down at the end of the 3rd quarter. Why is he in there? 81-80 LAL

0:00 Q3: "That's weird, I'm Marty." Great commercial.


11:29 Q4: JR Smith took a charge. Who knew he had it in him? 82-80 LAL

10:45 Q4: If you ask JR Smith, he's been open for 3 since he could walk. 85-84 DEN

10:15 Q4: Can do a Tale of the Tape featuring Linas Kleiza and John Connor?

8:56 Q4: JR Smith does the pick-up staple, a stupid reach-around poke, and gets called for a foul. I can't believe I just praised his defense. 91-87 DEN

8:11 Q4: Touch fouls both ways. The NBA, I love this game.

7:30 Q4: Bow Wow hits a big 3 to bring it to 91-90 DEN

7:13 Q4: RT @CedGolden Write down 8:19. When Melo sat down. Can the Nuggets hold this lead?

5:47 Q4: Did we ever get a end of 3rd quarter interview from @zen_master?

5:47 Q4: As I'm typing that last tweet, the refs give Blue Light Special and Kung Pau two of the weakest double technicals I've ever seen. 93-91 LAL

5:47 Q4: RT @the_tigercub: Why settle on dbl tech? Call Ron artest and make it triple.

4:01 Q4
: Somehow, this has turned into a very exciting game. You wouldn't have expected that after the first 20 minutes. 97-95 DEN

1:58 Q4
: Melo with a big put back to go up 3 and then Kobe answers with a three. Conference Finals > Round 2. 99-99

0:29 Q4: Kobe with the scheduled pull-up from the elbow to tie the game. Then Kenyon scores after a garbage possession for the Nuggets. 103-101 DEN

0:18 Q4: Showing on the screen is one of the most underrated skills / duties of a big man. Nene tips the ball away from Kobe's dribble and forces a jump-ball.

0:13 Q4
: Two huge free throws from Billups puts the lead at four. 105-101 DEN

0:04 Q4: After two free throws by Pau, Chauncey gets loose for a few seconds before getting fouled. 105-103 DEN

0:04 Q4: "Mr. Big Shot" goes 1 of 2 and the Lakers are still alive. 106-103 DEN

0:04 Q4: I don't think Andrew Bynum has played at all in the second half. If he has, I haven't noticed.

0:00 Q4: Derek Fisher misses a 3 at the end, Denver wins 106-103 and ties it at one game a piece. Time for one last drink.


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