Game Tweets: Western Conference Finals Game 2 in 140 Characters Or Less

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Game Tweets: Western Conference Finals Game 2 in 140 Characters Or Less
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Game tweets, running notes of Thursday's Game 2 between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets in 140 characters or less.

Note: Most of these tweets do not appear in my actual Twitter feed and none of these Twitter accounts are real except @CedGolden and @the_tigercub. As far as I know.


7:02 pm: Woohoo, 1 hour pre-game show! Can't wait to hear what recycled arguments ESPN has prepared for today!

7:03 pm: When are we going to get the ESPN Stuart Scott Lazy Eye Cam sponsored by Toyota?

7:06 pm: Do you think Stu Scott just watches old Fresh Prince of Bel Air reruns when he writes his jokes for the night's telecast?

7:08 pm: Stu Scott does an impression of George Karl's post-game press conference. Michael Wilbon just got dumber for having to sit next to him.

7:19 pm: @jon_barry Bobbie Gibson doesn't play anymore because the Cavs signed Mo Williams. Just so you know.

7:20 pm
: I thought we put all these "why did LeBron James pass with the game on the line" questions to bed three or four years ago.

7:26 pm
: @jon_barry is in the video game, quick somebody press reset or delete the game save!

7:27 pm: Hey, did you know @mr_big_shot is from Denver? Because I hadn't heard that.

7:33 pm: Just saying it now, before all the national media jumps on it, but Carmelo Anthony has the most complete offensive game in the league.

7:43 pm: They're making a big deal out of Dwight Howard's pre-game meal yesterday. Is McDonalds underwriting the pre-game show today?

7:52 pm: Stu Scott's threats don't scare me. I turned the channel during a commercial.

7:56 pm: Can't believe I watched the entire pre-game show instead of the first 3 innings of the Astros game. An hour of my life I'll never get back.

8:04 pm: With the Lakers reputation as a soft front line, why would your highlight video to hype the crowd have clips of them getting knocked down?

8:05 pm: I think somebody just slipped the Lakers P.A. announcer some sort of sedative. His voice didn't change from Denver's intros to the Lakers.


10:54 Q1: Looks like the refs are going to be coddling Andrew Bynum early. Foul on Kenyon Martin.

8:55 Q1: The refs miss a first foul when Melo goes for a layup, but they make up for it with a touch foul on a layup. And 1. Gotta love NBA refs.

7:46 Q1: The Staples Center: Where touch fouls happen.

6:12 Q1: Dear LA fans, LeBron already won the MVP. And it wasn't close. Stop chanting.

5:41 Q1: Two shady touch fouls and two actual fouls give Dahntay Jones four in the first quarter. We'll see you in the second half Dahntay! 13-12 LAL

4:58 Q1: Apparently Bynum can get fouled, but not foul.

4:36 Q1: Uber-dirty RT @JVGundy "You see the value of penetration on both ends."

3:23 Q1: The refs are giving the Lakers the Western Conference title, but they keep trying to re-gift it to Denver. 23-16 LAL #callthegamesequal

3:23 Q1: They're showing the celebs at the game. Is Tom Cruise the Oscar de la Hoya of acting? Discuss.

1:34 Q1: No energy from Denver, in danger of getting run out of the gym early. 27-19 LAL

0:32 Q1: Apparently, Linas Kleiza is still alive. 29-23 LAL

0:00 Q1: @the_machine misses at the buzzer. 31-23 LAL


12:00 Q2: George Karl seems calm in his between quarter interview, but his ears are threatening to shoot steam out.

9:25 Q2: The Nuggets are deader than KG's knee, but they are hanging just close enough for me not to turn off the TV. 35-26 LAL

9:00 Q2: So Jerry West thinks LeBron is better than Kobe now? What, did the MVP award tip him off?

7:18 Q2: When did the Lakers sign Bow Wow? Wait, that's Shannon Brown? Are you sure because I didn't think Shannon Brown was that good. 41-27 LAL

6:48 Q2: Luke Walton is no Pistol Pete.

5:20 Q2: Whenever he gets to full speed, I keep expecting Jordan Farmar's ears to open up and lift him up off the court into the rafters.

4:56 Q2: Carmelo is about to Start Shootin' the Nuggets back into the game. Or not. 47-36 LAL

4:38 Q2: George Karl has Anthony Carter guarding Kobe Bryant. That'll get the Nuggets back in the game.

3:31 Q2
: Mike Breen called an Andrew Bynum missed fade away "aggressive." When has a fade away ever been considered aggressive?

2:40 Q2: Mark Jackson is killing Nene for not running back and helping Melo on one of Kobe's drive. What about the other three Nuggets who were back?

1:55 Q2: Kenyon Martin scores despite the obvious foul from Pau Gasol. Steve Javie literally swallows his whistle. 53-42 LAL

0:55 Q2: Nuggets making a quick run at the end of the half. The ghost of Linas Kleiza is doing big things. 53-48 LAL

0:03 Q2: Billups threw the ball off Kobe's back on an inbounds pass and scored the layup. Somewhere, Chauncey's grandma is angry.


9:15 pm: Denver goes on a killer 14-2 run and is only down 55-54 at the half. I'm curious which teammate Kobe will strangle first.

9:16 pm
: Awful first half from Denver and they're only down 1. Good position to be in. That's what she said.

9:20 pm
: Tonight's second half jokes will be brought to you by Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey: because I can't afford any better.

9:29 pm: Despite how badly Denver played, a look down the box score shows they're beating LA in almost every category and close in all the others.


11:20 Q3: Carmelo easy jumper right over Derek Fisher. 56-56

8:42 Q3: Denver is definitely playing with more energy. Whether or not that is a good thing is yet to be known.

7:20 Q3: Andrew Bynum is nowhere to be seen. He's like a reverse victory cigar. You only see him at the beginning of a game. 64-64

6:05 Q3: Sometimes, Steve Javie misses way too many calls. RT @JVGundy "Sometimes you just miss a call."

5:10 Q3: A double forearm shiver to Dahntay Jones' back starts a Laker fast break. And 1. 71- 64 LAL

2:47 Q3: The Lakers have both momentums right now, the crowd's and the refs'. And yes, I'm biased. 75-71 LAL

2:47 Q3: Time for a refill.

2:26 Q3: Bow Wow running point. Then a 24 second call. Coincidence?

1:20 Q3: My DVR tried to send me over to The Daily Show because I'm recording that and the end of the Astros game. Sorry Jon Stewart, not happening.

1:02 Q3: Refs are calling some really late fouls. On both sides. It's annoying. Worst part of the NBA right now by far is the officiating.

0:40 Q3
: Melo just flopped on a rebound and got a foul on Kobe. See previous tweet.

0:00 Q3: Bow Wow air-balls a long 2 with time running down at the end of the 3rd quarter. Why is he in there? 81-80 LAL

0:00 Q3: "That's weird, I'm Marty." Great commercial.


11:29 Q4: JR Smith took a charge. Who knew he had it in him? 82-80 LAL

10:45 Q4: If you ask JR Smith, he's been open for 3 since he could walk. 85-84 DEN

10:15 Q4: Can do a Tale of the Tape featuring Linas Kleiza and John Connor?

8:56 Q4: JR Smith does the pick-up staple, a stupid reach-around poke, and gets called for a foul. I can't believe I just praised his defense. 91-87 DEN

8:11 Q4: Touch fouls both ways. The NBA, I love this game.

7:30 Q4: Bow Wow hits a big 3 to bring it to 91-90 DEN

7:13 Q4: RT @CedGolden Write down 8:19. When Melo sat down. Can the Nuggets hold this lead?

5:47 Q4: Did we ever get a end of 3rd quarter interview from @zen_master?

5:47 Q4: As I'm typing that last tweet, the refs give Blue Light Special and Kung Pau two of the weakest double technicals I've ever seen. 93-91 LAL

5:47 Q4: RT @the_tigercub: Why settle on dbl tech? Call Ron artest and make it triple.

4:01 Q4
: Somehow, this has turned into a very exciting game. You wouldn't have expected that after the first 20 minutes. 97-95 DEN

1:58 Q4
: Melo with a big put back to go up 3 and then Kobe answers with a three. Conference Finals > Round 2. 99-99

0:29 Q4: Kobe with the scheduled pull-up from the elbow to tie the game. Then Kenyon scores after a garbage possession for the Nuggets. 103-101 DEN

0:18 Q4: Showing on the screen is one of the most underrated skills / duties of a big man. Nene tips the ball away from Kobe's dribble and forces a jump-ball.

0:13 Q4
: Two huge free throws from Billups puts the lead at four. 105-101 DEN

0:04 Q4: After two free throws by Pau, Chauncey gets loose for a few seconds before getting fouled. 105-103 DEN

0:04 Q4: "Mr. Big Shot" goes 1 of 2 and the Lakers are still alive. 106-103 DEN

0:04 Q4: I don't think Andrew Bynum has played at all in the second half. If he has, I haven't noticed.

0:00 Q4: Derek Fisher misses a 3 at the end, Denver wins 106-103 and ties it at one game a piece. Time for one last drink.

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