Dont Doubt "The Snowman", or Jeff Monson Will Put You on Ice

Marco YanitelliAnalyst IMay 21, 2009

Jeffrey the snowman knew
The UFC was not that way,
So he said, "Let's run and
We'll have some fun

I'll get Fedor before I melt away."
Out to the Olympia,
With a Paint can in his hand,
Spraying anarchistic crap
Around the land,
Yelling catch me if you can.

Well it might be a butcher job on a Christmas classic but he IS the Snowman after all.

Jeff Monson is a man that has been written about before. Monson deserves his own stage though, his own article. He definitely deserves some love.

Born in 1971, Monson is looking ahead to the end of his career. Not by slowing down, but by speeding up. He is fighting match after match, trying to accumulate whatever funds and or titles he can muster.

Fighting out of American Top Team, his pedigree cannot be challenged. Nor can his career which has netted him over 30 wins.

Not just any wins, mind you, but wins over fighters such as Roy Nelson, Mark Kerr, Ricco Rodriguez, Devin Cole, Kaz Fujita, and most recently at DREAM 8, he defeated Sergei Kharitonov via choke in Round 1.

Often underestimated, Jeff is probably the greatest pure grappler ever to compete. His unusual frame, short arms, and tremendous muscularity and size for such a short man, offer him an almost unbeatable combination.

It's nearly impossible to submit Monson. In fact, while he has been submitted twice in his career, he has not suffered that kind of defeat since the last millennium.

Aleksandr Karelin would not be able to submit Monson.

Fedor would not be able to submit Monson.

Godzilla would not be able to submit Monson.

That being said, he isn’t invincible. In MMA he suffers from the same traits that offer him advantages in pure submission grappling. His short arms and short body often put him at a great disadvantage due to the great size of most modern heavyweight fighters.

Still, he has lost only three of his last 27 MMA contests and he is considered a top 10 heavyweight by Sherdog.

Monson left the UFC and abandoned his contract in order to pursue a fight with Fedor. Unfortunately, negotiations for that contest disintegrated and left Monson running around the world trying to make a living.

It is hard to imagine that with the rise of fighters such as Brock Lesnar, Shane Cardin, Cain Velasquez, Kongo and others, that fans will not see the Snowman in the UFC again.

There is little doubt in my mind that Jeff could handle any of the above fighters. Victory might not come easy, but it would come to him.

There has been much controversy surrounding the Snowman and his political affiliations. He is an Anarchist and an anti-war advocate. He is a member of the Industrial Workers of the World.

His political activism has cost him and its possible he could face jail time as a result of his defacing of federal property in Olympia, Wash.

This article is not about his politics but his fighting and submission grappling skills.

Any fan would think a fight involving Jeff Monson and a top-name fighter would be intense. To see him matched up with any top UFC fighter or even Fedor if that ever becomes a reality, would be a great event.

It's my opinion that pound-for-pound Jeff Monson is a naturally gifted athlete whose particular physical traits and personal skill have combined to make him the best grappler alive.

As for MMA? Sure he can be beaten, but its not likely to happen anytime soon.


- Marco Yanitelli, “The Italian Scallion”