Vickie Guerrero: Miss Wrestlemania, Are You Kidding Me?

lee raydeanCorrespondent IMay 21, 2009

Monday Night Raw had a few humorous moments this week. Santino/Santina has a sense of humor. When he dresses up as his alleged twin sister Santina, he is comical to watch.

Santina/Santino isn't too keen on RAW'S GM Vickie Guerrero and calls her a pig and imitates her by snorting like a pig and calls Chavo Guerrero a jackass.

When Edge was in Vickie's dressing room, Chavo was standing by the door eavesdropping. Edge came out and asked him what he was doing. Before Chavo could utter a word, Edge told him to be a man and fight for his aunt.

Chavo and Santino had a match that night. Marella won the match. Of course Chavo was the sore loser. He wanted to get even and he scheduled a match between Santina and Vickie. You know he had something up his sleeve.

Vickie was in shock when Chavo told her she was to fight Santina. But she was not to worry, because he had everything under control. So the match started, and Chavo interfered by saying that it was a no disqualification match.

Santina got the worst of it, and Chavo beat her/him and told Vickie to pin her. Vickie acted like she just became world champion. Now come on, this has to be the joke of the year.

Vickie Guerrero as Miss WrestleMania! I still can't believe it. How in the hell did that happen? Maybe Chavo is going to be the new GM because Vickie is doing whatever he tells her to do.

Chavo isn't going to let anyone get near that crown that Vickie has. At least not anytime soon. Why is the WWE lowering its standards so wrestlers like Chavo can make a mockery out of what Vince McMahon had built?

Maybe this is just a dream. Maybe I'll wake up and it won't be real. Just because Vickie is GM doesn't mean she can do what she wants when she wants. They are making a three-ring circus out of one of the most popular and high profiled sports today. Time to boycott.