Life, Liberty, & The Pursuit Of Happiness Within B/R's NASCAR Community

Kara MartinSenior Analyst IMay 21, 2009

Can’t we all just get along?!

The answer is thankfully a resounding no!

We all have individual minds and thought processes which allow for differing ideas and opinions. If we all wore the same shoes what a giant snooze fest life would be!

On March 23, 1775, Patrick Henry declared, “Give me liberty or give me death.”

A part of what makes liberty so damn great is that it gives us the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear.

Much like B/R as a whole, the NASCAR community has had it’s fair share of disenchanting discourse as of late.

Since it's inception, we have experienced our fair share of growing pains. There have been some great highs and some down right dirty lows.

The NASCAR Community is still fairly young in the halls of Bleacher Report.

Not a single one of the “Top Ten” writers have even been here for a full year. We are still getting used to our sea legs out here on the rough waters.

Most of us came in as amateur writers, having never participated in something of this magnitude. We learned the ropes alongside our fellow writers through a baptism by fire - accelerated on the job training program.

We didn’t always know what we were doing, at times we stumbled, at times we fell, but from very early on, I felt an overwhelmingly comforting bond. I knew that I could rely on my community to pick me up, dust me off, point me in the right direction and kick me square in my ass. In turn, I’d so the same for each and every one of them!

Recently, something has changed. It isn’t one thing in particular. Like Dale Jr’s struggles, it is a combination of things that need attention in order to become a winning team again.

Over the last few months, we've gotten by on a wing and a prayer.

Constructive criticism and spirited debate have turned to ugly beating and banging on each other.

Our once happy home has turned into a mosh-pit of family rivalry.

As with every dysfunctional family, each one of us has adopted one or more of the six basic roles that children growing up in this environment take on.


The Good Child – a child who assumes the parental role.

The Problem Child – the child who is blamed for most problems, in spite of often being the only emotionally stable one in the family.

The Caretaker – the one who takes responsibility for the emotional well-being of the family.

The Lost Child – the inconspicuous, quiet one, whose needs are often ignored or hidden.

The Mascot – uses comedy to divert attention away from the increasingly dysfunctional family system.

The Mastermind – the opportunist who capitalizes on the other family members' faults in order to get whatever he/she wants.


Now I am not for a second comparing us to a group of children, but you must admit we’ve all had our moments! I am just as guilty as the next guy!

It has become a game of survival, we’ve become addicted to that killer instinct in which to persevere.

Addicted to writer rankings and syndication.

Addicted to the number of reads and how many fans we’ve collected along the way.

Addicted to the high that we get when our article reaches 100, 500 or even 1000 reads.

Addicted to the pressure to outwit, outplay, and outlast the others.

We’ve done lost our minds along the way.

Success can be just as scary as failure. We can all use a lesson on how to handle our successes successfully. Learn not to perform up to everyone else’s expectations, simply embrace your own and you will never lose sight of what makes your articles so gosh darn super delicious!

There are people in this world who are here to save you when you need saving, cover your ass when it needs covering, and are always there when you need someone to lean on.

We are those people.

As a community, we don’t have to exchange Christmas cards every year, we don’t always have to get along, and we don’t always need to say what each other wants to hear, but we should have respect for one another’s writings, thoughts, and opinions.

Compared to other B/R communities we are small, but together we are mighty!

Instead of trying so hard to cut each other down, we should put our energies into raising each other up and celebrating the small victories that we as a community gain when one of our members "done good!"

I'm all for healthy competition, fight long and hard for what you believe in, but more importantly, fight fair.

“The important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have won, but to have fought well”. -Baron Pierre de Coubertin


The comments and opinions expressed by the author are not directed at anyone individually, but to the community as a whole.