6 Best Places in the World to Watch an Arsenal Match

Willie Gannon@https://twitter.com/WillieGannonSenior Writer IOctober 16, 2013

6 Best Places in the World to Watch an Arsenal Match

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    Arsenal FC are one of the best-supported teams on the planet, and on any given day their matches can be seen from anywhere around the world—literally anywhere. But where are the best places to watch the Gunners?

    Arsene Wenger's lads are well supported across the United Kingdom and Ireland, North America, Asia and maybe even the North Pole! As the supporters page says on the club's official website:

    Emirates Stadium holds just over 60,000 fans but the Club's support goes way beyond that.

    There are now more than 124 officially recognized Clubs in more than 62 countries worldwide, with another 20 countries currently in the process of submitting applications.

    In short, there is no shortage of vantage points from which to watch the Arsenal, and there is barely a corner of the world where their support does not exist.

    Irish and English bars around the world have become havens for fans of the Premier League. Every weekend, bars like Bernies Irish Bar in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; the Irish Mbassy Sports Bar in Krakow, Poland; and Ye Olde King's Head in Los Angeles, to name but a few, host ex-patriots and Premier League fans in their droves. All are welcome to these fabulous meeting points, including Arsenal fans.

    However, where are the truest Gunners watering holes? And where are the very best places in the world to watch Arsenal in action? 

    Here, Bleacher Report offers six of the best places in the world for Arsenal fans to watch their beloved team in action.



The World's End, London

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    There are numerous Arsenal bars around London, but it would be a mistake to leave out The World's End as being one of the best.

    The pub is about as close as one could get to Finsbury Park Tube Station and is just a 10-minute walk from the Emirates Stadium.

    There are plenty of pubs for the Gunners' fans to choose from in London. The Arsenal Tavern, the Auld Triangle, the Famous Cock, Phibbers and the Compton Arms are just a few.

    All are well known to fans of the club, and all have their own merits, but the World's End just stands out as being that little bit better. It's well known for its good food, live bands and roaring matchday atmosphere. The fact that it also gives Arsenal season ticket holders a 10 percent discount also helps.


The Gunners Pub, London

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    If the Emirates Stadium is the Mecca for Arsenal fans, then the Gunners pub is the oasis on the way.

    Come rain, hail, sleet or snow, every single Arsenal match is screened live. The pub also doubles as something of a museum and has memorabilia dating all the way back to the 1930s.

    The pub has become something of must-see for Gunners fans. On matchday it can become a little hectic with little more than standing room only, and most of that can be found outside!

    If you want to watch a match with genuine Arsenal fans and can't get to the stadium then the Gunners Pub might just be the next best thing.

The Blind Pig, New York

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     The NYC Arsenal Supporters club meets at the Blind Pig in Manhattan, New York.

    The pub has become a shrine to all things Arsenal in recent times and is the den of choice for many New York-based Gunners fans.

    The Blind Pig takes its name from prohibition days slang meaning "speakeasy." It is well known in NY for being a sports bar and offers its discerning patrons around nine large—and by large I mean the American version of large—screens.

    The food is good, and the beer specials on matchday mornings have been known to make Arsenal fans more than very happy, especially if the result goes the right way!

The Mercantile, Dublin

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    The Mercantile is one of the most popular bars in Dublin for tourists and locals alike. It is also the favoured watering hole of the Dublin-based Arsenal Supporters Club. In case you were wondering, the Gunners have 23 supporters clubs in the Emerald Isle alone.

    The DASC have over 400 members and meet regularly in the very central Mercantile. 

    The pub itself is not an Arsenal-only zone, but that only adds to the superb atmosphere on matchday. There are dozens of screens, more than enough bars, plenty of Irish cailin's, good food and a great atmosphere.

    What more could any discerning Arsenal fan want?

Zouk Bar, Mumbai

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    The Arsenal Supporters Club in Mumbai was the very first to open in India. To date it boasts over 1,000 members, is connected to over 7,000 fans online and has over 45,000 likes on its Facebook page. 

    The club, formed in 2008 but together since 2006, meets every matchday and has been known to frequent the Zouk Bar and Grill.

    The Gunners are absolutely monstrous in India and as the club's gallery shows they certainly get large crowds to Arsenal matches. The Mumbai branch are one of the most fervent and as this footage from the North London Derby against Tottenham Hotspur shows, they know how to party. 

    That continued onto the streets after the 1-0 victory as can be seen here.

    If you're the travelling type of fan, you could do far worse than visit this lot on your travails.

The Emirates Stadium

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    Is there a better place to watch Arsenal win a match than the Emirates Stadium? Actually there might be, but we'll leave that 'til the bonus slide.

    There is no doubt that the Emirates Stadium has become a magnet for Arsenal fans. The club has catered for them in a fantastic way. It has erected statues outside the ground, covered the outside of the stadium with amazing pictures of stars of yesteryear and has provided so many photo opportunities that on any given day you will find a multitude of fans taking photographs and preserving lifelong memories.

    James McNicholas wrote this Emirates Stadium guide for the uninitiated at the start of the season, and it really gives a feeling for the place. 

    The atmosphere has improved in recent years despite the drop off in expectation and results. Those might change this season, however, as optimism abounds around the stadium.

Bonus Slide: Estadio Do Sport Lisboa

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    The Estadio do Sport Lisboa or the Estadio da Luz as it is better known as is one of the best stadiums in world football.

    It is widely known as the Stadium of Light and is Benfica's home ground in Portugal.

    Now why would this feature as one of the best places in the world to watch Arsenal, I hear you say.

    In normal years and in normal circumstances it would not feature at all.

    However, in 2014 the Stadium of Light will host the Champions League final...